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Divorce Dilemma
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Divorce Dilemma

Divorce is when married people decide to end all their marital ties. This is usually a tough period especially when there are children involved. To some, like the celebrities, it's more of a game.

The rate of divorce has become quite alarming. In the 21st century it seems getting married is just a rehearsal for the 2 or more marriages that are to follow.

“For better for worse, till death do us part” are the most common vows that are exchanged during wedding ceremonies, but do people really mean them?

Before marriage there is the dating period where the two people get to know each other these could any period as short as one day or as long as 20 or more years, it all depends on the individuals.

The moment one chooses to accept to walk down the aisle or pay dowry as is the case in other cultures it means he/she has thought about it and is ready to make the big step, and it is one of the biggest changes one will go through in her life. It means you are choosing to accept the other person the he or she is, all his good and bad you are choosing to leave with.

You would think that after dating for more than 2 years you are comfortable with the person you want to get married to but what perturbs me is the fact that after two people dating for so long, they get married and divorce after 2 months.

During divorce especially, celebrity divorce you hear comments like

"We just grew apart"- I mean seriously: you grew apart after leaving together for 2 months and dating for a year?

Irreconcilable differences: Yeah right! You knew you were different when you chose to live with this person what on earth has changed in 2 months that you didn't see in a year of dating?

There are genuine situations for divorce, like when in abusive relationships, adulterous but to take it lightly and run for divorce papers just because there is no fame no more, and give stupid excuses is just wrong!

If you cannot handle the hurdles of marriage then please do not complicate life, just date. Margaret Atwood said “A divorce is like an amputation: you survive it, but there's less of you”. I mean you have got to love yourself at some point that you do not want to end up being in Guinness book of records for having many divorces.

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