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How To Get Your Ex Back Fast
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Get Your Ex Back Fast

Introduction This article is aimed at people who are about to separate and feel that things in their relationship are not good at the moment, in this article I will show you the first steps you can take towards getting your ex back fast.

Are You Still Together (Just) If you haven't split yet but things are not good between you then you and your partner need to talk, talking is the best way to fix an ailing relationship, find some quality time for each other, maybe after the children are in bed or see if a close friend or relation can look after them for you.

Creating the right environment Then try and set the mood for talking, turn the TV off and eliminate any distractions, disconnecting the phone can be a good idea, light some candles or turn the lights down to dim have a relaxing bath maybe even a glass of wine (not too much alcohol though) to relax and unwind from the hectic day Start by finding some neutral ground to talk about something that you both find easy to talk about, you could start to talk about the children or each other’s work just something to get the conversation started, then you can ease into your relationship if you think the other person is going to be receptive to the subject. If you do get started OK! then avoid attaching blame or being argumentative and confrontational be understanding and supportive and be prepared to see both sides of the discussion even if you don’t agree with everything that is being said, at least take it on board and try to understand how the other person is feeling. The benefit of this is to encourage confidence in your partner and make it easier for them to open up to you.

Are You Listening But Not Hearing? Most of all you must listen, don't just get your point across you must listen, listen and listen some more, by listening you will start to understand where your partner is coming from and what makes them tick and more importantly how they are feeling about the relationship at this point in time.

Strangely enough people say they listen but do they really? how many times if someone has spoken to you, do you stop and have to think really hard about what they have said, this could only be a few minutes later can you remember what that person said to you?, sometimes we are so wrapped up in our own thoughts that we don't take in what the other person is saying to us.

Most people who separate from their partner moan that their other half doesn't listen to them anymore or they don't understand or take notice of them anymore, listening is probably the most important aspect of this exercise, it is surprising what you can find out just from listening to the other person and lets you know what problems your partner is having within the relationship which means you can start acting upon this information to help put things right, listening also lets the other person know that you care enough about them and shows you are willing to understand what they are saying and not dismissing it out of hand because it doesn’t seem that important to you.

These are just a few things that will help save your relationship from collapsing but there is still work to be done to repair this relationship. Find out what else you can do to stop your separation go to


We have discussed today about what you can do If you want to get your ex back fast and how to stop your partner from leaving, the need to talk, this can be achieved by creating the right environment and allowing your partner to speak freely about your relationship, you need to make a conscious effort to listen and Take on board what your partner is saying to you. After you have opened the lines of communication you can then take the next steps towards keeping your partner and relationship.

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