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How To Recognize And Deal With The Divorce Effects On Teenagers
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How to Recognize And Deal With the Divorce Effects on Teenagers

The end of a marriage is hard for a couple, but it pales in comparison to the life-changing divorce effects on teenagers. They aren’t able to comprehend what is going on as well as an adult, and because of this, they are affected psychologically, academically and emotionally. It is fairly common for the divorce effects on teenagers to cause them to change their appearance, personality, and entire outlook on life.

They may not admit it, but teenagers thrive on consistency, and there can be drastic consequences when this is disrupted. In order to counteract the divorce effects, parents must be supportive and understanding, while also not talking about the other parent in a negative light.


Teens can suffer academically up to a year before their parents actually divorce. Parents find it a surprise that the divorce effects on teenagers can occur this soon, and they end up ignoring it. This only underscores how important it is for parents to assist and support their children academically during this stressful time in their life.

A study by the NELS (National Education Longitudinal Study) showed that teenagers achieved a lower score in reading and math, beginning a year or more before their parents separated. Depending on their individual personality and reaction, each child will suffer to different degree. However, it is clear that the divorce effects include a decrease in academic performance.


The divorce effects on teenagers will be different than for younger children, and it will impact each teen differently. However, they will all be affected to a certain degree, and it will undoubtedly negatively impact their behavior, both at home and at school. Teens will start to rebel and act disrespectfully to teachers, parents and friends.

The divorce effects on teenagers, especially older kids, can lead to drinking and drug abuse. The teen will be frustrated and looking for an outlet of some sort. Unfortunately, they often find that acting out is the only way to get the attention they need, and they won’t even care if it’s negative attention.


The best way to counteract the divorce effects on teenagers is to make sure they have proper family support during the entire process. Teenagers will need their extended family to step up and get involved just as much as their parents. Adults need to sit down with them explain what divorce will mean, and answer any questions they may have. This is a scary and confusing time for them and they won’t know how to express their true feelings about the situation. The divorce effects can be minimized with great family support.

What to Look for

The best way to combat the divorce effects on teenagers is to recognize them before they get out of control. Parents need to watch for any emotional and psychological changes. Watch for any attitude or sleeping changes, as well as any new activities they seem to be interested in. If the teens are hanging out with a new group of people and beginning to act differently; this is the time to intervene and have a conversation. Be open, honest, and proactive, and you can counteract the divorce effects on teenagers.

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