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DIY Furniture For Teens - Where To Start
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DIY Furniture for Teens   -   Where to Start

Furniture is expensive, and most teenagers just don't have the money to buy it. Heck, even if you had some money, would you really want to spend it on a chair?

Probably not.

But you can still get your room looking awesome with some simple, cheap DIY projects. Of course, DIY is never as simple as they make it seem, so I've organized some broad project concepts by what tools are available to you and what your particular money situation is.

Without Tools

With no tools, you're going to be looking at RE-DOING something that's laying around your house (or a relative's house). Old furniture is great, because it already looks crappy, so whatever you do to it, it'll look better!

Paint, stickers, tape, markers, and other stuff for drawing, sticking, and doing cosmetic modifications are going to be your best choice. Also, remember that placement in your room goes a long way to change the feel and style of a particular piece, so experiment to find out what you like best.

With Tools

If you've got some tools laying around, and permission to use them (supervised or otherwise), the go for it. Try not to cut off your arm with a buzz saw, but I don't doubt that a 15 or 16 year old can figure out how to use a hammer, nails, some sandpaper, and a can of paint to slam together some funky furniture pieces.

With a couple of simple tools you can take something boring and turn it into your own. Desks, coffee tables, picture frames, or maybe even a chair (they're harder than they look) aren't that far fetched, especially in today's world where you can learn how to do anything on YouTube. Pick up some old furniture from a junkyard and get to work.

Without Money

So without a budget, your options are obviously limited, but don't lose hope. You've got friends and family you can probably bum some old stuff off of. Look for something your mom, dad, aunt, uncle, or family friend doesn't want. Don't go for that expensive antique stuff, get some real junk, and make it your own with hard work and creativity.

With Money

With a small budget you can make your room unique a bit more easily by browsing the 2nd hand stores (again, stay away from expensive antiques), yard sales, or even discount furniture outlets. There's always something cheap, somewhere - you just need to find it. Decide how much you're willing to spend TOTAL, spend a little bit less than that on a piece you like, and spend the rest on art supplies or whatever else you'll need for the 'makeover'.


Making your own cool furniture for your bedroom isn't hard or expensive. But you need to have a plan, be willing to put in some work, be creative, and follow through with the project. When it's all done, you'll end up with a piece of art, and something to be proud of, not to mention a really cool piece of furniture to show off in your room.

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