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Do It Yourself Power Chair Repairs
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Everyone with a powerchair will have, or has had, an issue at sometime or another. The very nature of this device makes any problems an extreme inconvenience. With 20 to 22% of the population considered to have mild to sever handicaps, the advent of mobility devices have exploded in recent years. Yet the service industry has not seemed to keep pace.

Repair shops are around , however they're hard to find and usually cater to the insurance industry, are maker specific, or shade tree (to borrow a phrase from the auto industry). The later could develop into a much needed industry, if the training, tools, and parts were easier to obtain. The jest of this is the owner of a Power Chair, Mobility Scooter, or other mobility device is forced to return to the original seller of the item or attempt to fix it themselves. Usually the seller is hours to days away, and shipping, or a house visit has to be scheduled. This leaves the device owner in the lurch, untill an inspection of the problem can be made, and many times parts ordered. In the case of a house call, a second visit has to be scheduled.

Many times the problems with the powerchair or mobility scooter is power related (battery, charger, or wiring). The owners know this, however they are unable to make the determination as to which. Given just a few hints and a cheap multimeter this problem can be solved and products needed bought locally or ordered on line and sent priority. This would shorten the inconvenience of being without the device for an extended period. The location of the batteries, how to test, how to make sure they are wired properly, how to check the charger for proper operation all these things and more can be found at a site for powerchair repair. Plus sources for items you are going to need.

Tires are also an issue most people can address, with just a few tools and a good source of information on how to remove the tires from the wheels, which one's are replaceable, exact size to fit your power chair or scooter. Is it possible to upgrade to flat free? Are there other options available? How to obtain them? Are you one of those with exceptional skills, or not faint of heart, The people at powerchair repair will help make even those more difficult diagnosis help with schematic information, direct you to advanced resources, difficult to obtain parts, and encouragement. The quest to be the best is for everyone.

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I have a jazzy 1100 that was my fathers I bought two batt it power lights show 3 red and4 yellow the blink and do nothing

  about 1 year ago
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