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Easy Home Automation - Long-Distance Remote Control Of Your Window Air Conditioner Via IPhone
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iPhone home automation app

Millions of folks have joined the ranks of loyal iPhone users. They carry their iPhones everywhere they go. Why? Because the iPhone has become their on-the-go center for information, communication and control. Did you know that It can even switch on your window air conditioner while you are away from home.

A better window air conditioner

Many old clunker window air conditioners are dogs. They may have lost whatever efficiency they once had. They are noisier than they should be, and their decor is out of date. And their operation is not very convenient. If you have one of these clunkers, consider replacing it with a new, energy-efficient unit. New units come with many new options including remote control. But the range of the remote is very short. What if you're at the office and would like to switch it on before you drive home on a hot summer day so your room will be cool and comfortable when you arrive home?

Remote control window air conditioner via iPhone

To save energy when you're not at home, you made sure the window a/c is off. No one else is at home and you know the temperature in your house is hot, humid and uncomfortable. You grab your iPhone and with a few touchstrokes, you switch the unit on. The room is nice and cool when your get home.

Easy home automation via iPhone - What you need

Here's the setup. Remove the window a/c power cord plug from the wall outlet. Plug it into a small, modular home automation appliance on/off switch. Make sure the modular appliance switch has a large enough load rating to meet the power requirement of your a/c unit. (An Insteon appliance switch is rated at 15 amps.) Then plug the module into wall outlet.

You also need a "controller" module that will send your commands to the appliance module. You need Internet service and a router. Connect the controller to your router with an Ethernet cable. Then plug the controller into a wall outlet near the router. Download a compatible iPhone home automation app.

At the same time you're setting up your window a/c appliance control, you also may want do remote lighting control for a couple of lamps on your porch and in your living room. You'll need a plug-in modular switch for each lamp you want to control.

After you sycnh and link your components together, you are ready to go.

Here's how window air conditioner remote control via iPhone works

Your iPhone app sends your commands over the Internet to your home network and to the controller module. The controller sends your command to the appliance switch. If you use Insteon modules, the controller sends signals both wirelessly and over the existing electrical wiring in your house. This makes your home automation system more reliable and flexible. This system is affordable and modular -- you add components as you expand your system. That's what makes this easy home automation.

I'm John Dove and I write about practical technology that can help improve home living. My articles offer useful information on such topics as home automation, HDTV, energy management and much more.

Go to Remote Window Air Conditioner Control to learn more about controlling your window a/c via Internet.

Go to Remote Lighting Control to learn more about lamp control using an iPhone.

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