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Get Organized With An 8x8 Storage Shed
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Get Organized With An 8x8 Storage Shed

An 8x8 storage shed is a great solution to free up much-needed space around the house or in the garage. However, these small but mighty buildings are not much use if not properly organized. Anyone who has gone out to purchase a new pair of garden gloves because they misplaced their old ones in a shed or struggled to move heavy bags of potting soil out of the way to get to needed tools understands just how important organization can be in a small space like a shed.

How to Organize Tools in a Shed

To keep tools off the ground, and thereby ensure walkways remain clear, consider installing a tool hanger along the shed walls or on the back of the door. This works especially well for tools with long handles such as rakes, hoes and shovels that easily fall over when stacked in a corner.

Smaller tools like shears are easily mounted with hooks onto pegboards. Another idea is to hang magnetized strips to hold metal tools. This is a trick most often seen in small kitchens, where knives are mounted along the backsplash in similar fashion. Just be sure to purchase a metal strip strong enough to hold a heavier tool like a garden trowel.

Another good use for magnetized storage comes in the form of a dry erase board. Hanging a board of this type allows you to jot down to do lists or things to purchase at the home improvement store. In addition, use these boards to store small metal containers filled with tiny items like nails and screws.

What to Do with Shelves

Shelving is an invaluable storage tool when it comes to taking full advantage of vertical space in your 8x8 shed. However, thick wood shelves can make tight spaces like those of a shed look and feel small. To create the illusion of space, consider installing metal shelves made of strong wire or mesh. The openness of this design allows light to filter through the shed’s interior rather instead of getting trapped in a dark corner.

Maximize shelf space by purchasing inexpensive baskets to house loose items like small pots or garden gloves. Consider the same aforementioned tips when it comes time to purchase these items. Open metal baskets or transparent plastic bins work best. Plus, these baskets have the added bonus of letting you see just what item is where.

You may also want to consider mounting shelves above windows. And consider giving shelves a dual use. By mounting a shelf on a hinge, it can be folded down for use as table or storage and folded up when floor space is more important.

Final Details

Remember, just because an item has traditionally been used for one purpose does not mean it does not have value when it comes to organization. For instance, mount a toilet paper or paper towel holder along a wall and store spools of string or wire along it. Tips like these will keep your 8x8 storage shed well organized and a space you enjoy using.

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