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Great Woodworking Plans: Ever Wanted To Make A Humidor?
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While at first, building this out of wood, furniture, shelves, and boxes might look overwhelming, it really is just a matter of starting small, and working your way up to bigger and more difficult things: ever wanted to make a “Humidor”?

Small steps, not a giant leap.

No matter where you begin, no matter what skill level you already have, no matter what project you have your eye on, you will need some great woodworking plans to complete it.

Basic plans are usually good enough for the beginner, especially plans for an easier-level project. Good plans will tell you all the materials you willl need, all the tools you will need, and if they are great woodworking plans, they might even have some "how to" training included. This is especially helpful, as it will teach you, and make you practice, all of the basics of woodworking. Many of these plans are variations on a "box", but you can end up with some cool stuff. Examples might be a bookshelf, a storage locker, a hope chest, or even a humidor!

(Humidors are cool, even if you don't smoke. They are a great size for storing things, and can double as a guy's "jewelry box" without looking too "girly" a good place to store watches, and other valuables.)

It used to be that you had to search the local library, or the local magazine stand for a great set of woodworking plans, but no more. Oh, you can still find them there, but you have a much greater resource in the internet. You can order programs that have lots of plans on CD, or you can find websites that have a catalogue of many tens of thousands of plans. Some of these websites have some great tutorials, videos that show, as well as tell. When you have your eye on your first project, make sure you find the right plan for the project. Then gather all of your materials together, and make sure you have access to all the tools you will need (Told you that you should have been nicer to your next door neighbor!).

This is all to set yourself up for success. You want to make sure your beginning projects are all completed, and turn out fantastic. This way you will want to build on your successes, and continue learning and producing more projects. As you grow, your abilities will show in your accomplishments: your completed projects.

Now, all you have to do is start the ball rolling. You do this by looking for, and finding some great woodworking plans. Make sure they have all the information you need, and are easy to understand. Go through the project in your mind from start to finish, looking for anything you might need that might not be there. Great woodworking plans will have everything you need. If you see a missing link, and can’t find the part you need, that means it’s time to renew your search.

Next, it's time to get busy, get all your materials, get all your tools lined up, schedule some time, and have at it!

You'll be unstoppable.

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