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How To Build A Shed Like A Pro
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You are feeling creative and want to know how to build a shed. It seems totally logical that you have a backyard shed to use as a storage shed or garden shed. Imagine there actually being a place to keep all your gardening tools, equipment, and supplies besides scattered in your garage.

Being the person that you are, you are completely capable of tackling a project like this if you have any experience with wood....even if it was high school shop class. How hard could it be...really? Guess that might depend on if you want it to look like a shed or not.

So how can you build a shed, without it being a kit, and have it look like a building you are proud to have in your backyard? A place which compliments your landscape and fulfills your storage and workshop needs? Well hang on to your saws because there are ways that anybody can figure out how to build a shed.


Your pre-shed task is to do some planning. Here are some things to consider before you build a shed:

  • 1. Where are you going to build this shed? You will want to consider many things such as:
  • a. enough space?
  • b. will it compliment landscape?
  • c. can electricity easily be added to it at this location?
  • 2. How big do you want/need your diy backyard shed to be?
  • 3. What type of building will require a permit?
  • 4. Where will you get your shed plans from?

Even though you may be tempted to go with the "free" shed building plans...figuring you will be able to decipher and make them probably isn't the best idea. For more precise plans which will leave you with a finished product that resembles a shed, go with a paid set of easy shed plans.


When you are deciding the type of foundation for your building, consider what you want to do with this shed. Concrete, wood, or pallet foundation will all depend on the use you have for this outdoor shed.

Are you going to be using this as an backyard storage shed or more of a workshop? You may want to combine it with a well deserved man cave and be able to utilize all your space to fit your needs. What an amazing idea! Creating the right floor can lead to a building which is suited for you.


This part should be step-by-step for you in quality shed plans. So gather your materials like lumber, siding, roofing, insulation and whatever the needs for your outdoor shed requires.

Options you may want to think about while you are building are:

  1. Electrical wiring when building is framed.
  2. Plumbing, however nice, is not necessary.
  3. Solar panels in the long as you are not going to build a shed under a tree.
  4. Insulation and drywall of the interior are extremely favorable if you going to establish this shed for your backyard as workshop for woodworking, mechanics, or that place we like to call a true Man Cave.
  5. Windows for all your natural lighting needs.


This can be where some people tend to slack off. But believe it or not, you should kick it up here. The outside of your building is not only a first impression, it should also be used to compliment your backyard.

Now to put this all in a nutshell, what is most important about knowing how to build a shed would have to be starting out with good quality shed plans.

Oh yeah, the next most important thing is knowing that you can do it!

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