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Woodsmith Plans - How To Build A Bed
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Smarten up your bedroom and go to bed in style with a bespoke bed just for you. Have ever considered building your own bed even as a novice woodworker? It may seem a daunting task but when you think about it a store bought wooden bed requires self-assembly so why not build one from scratch.

Are you ready to create the new bed you can dream on, satisfied in the knowledge that it will last for years to come and it will be a finished project you can be proud to have constructed. As a novice woodworker getting the right plans is crucial otherwise it will be unnecessarily complex reading poorly designed bed plans but really straight forward with a descent one.

Reading about woodworking is great for the theory and there are plenty of forums, articles books and magazines to get stuck into before you start. All the questions and answers can be found on the internet but you will have to be patient, sifting through pages upon pages of information just to find the right plans to work from.

After studying the art of woodworking for a while, you may be ready to start your project but first things first you need the right wood-smith plans, the ones that list the materials, tools required and most important of all the step by step guide. If you feel you need to practice on a few smaller projects, then that would be a great bonus as your confidence will grow along with some finished, useful, hand crafted furniture you will use for a very long time.

At your own pace and only when you are ready for the bigger woodworking project, the bed, is it time to take the first step, study the plans or better still, watch the video if it has one, this will show how the master craftsmen do things when working with wood. Follow the instructions in a logical manner; these are normally detailed so as to get to the finished project as quickly as possible, avoiding wasted time and materials.

Most wood-smith plans are quite easily followed and with a little patience, the knowledge and skills you have gained it is not unreasonable to expect to create a very nice bespoke bed made to a very high standard that will stand the test of time, not to mention the number of hours of sound sleep it brings.

You really don’t have to be a master craftsman to build a bed and it’s comforting to know if there are difficulties or you need a little help and guidance you can, with some plans ask the author for advice after all he has the experience to solve any problem you may be facing.

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