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10 Reasons Not To Breed Your Dog
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10 Reasons Not to Breed Your Dog

Many dog owners feel their dog is so cute that they need to fill the world with dogs just like her, and some want to sell litters for the money. However grand your reason is for wanting to breed your dog, it is important to realize that breeding can have serious medical effects generating unexpected expenses. Responsible and professional dog breeding is admirable, letting puppies multiply in your backyard is not.

If you are considering breeding your dog, you should first carefully consider these 10 reasons not to breed your dog.

1. Puppies are fun - Puppies are no longer fun once you see how expensive, demanding and time consuming they are. When they reach four weeks, those adorable little puppies are very active and noisy, not to mention, destructive. Then you have another 4 weeks before selling. Breeding is expensive and time consuming with the chance the mother can't raise the litter and you have to. A litter of 4 or 5 puppies takes serious commitment.

2. Fluffy would make such cute puppies - Most pets are not breeding quality. People that breed dogs for a living are extremely careful about choosing the dogs they will breed together based on physical characteristics and behavior. Many dogs have genetic defects making them poor candidates for breeding.

3. We could make money with this- After figuring all the fees for stud service, veterinarians and food, your income may not cover what you put into the litter. Complications from whelping could arise causing even more expense.

4. Life cycle education for my kids - Unfortunately, whelping has its own schedule and usually doen't match your children's. Many times death comes with litters which causes emotional stress in children. If you want your children to learn about animals, find ways to teach them to be responsible pet owners. Take them to the local SPCA, shelter or rescue organization, so they can learn what irresponsible breeding does. Animal Planet is another great educational resource for kids. Check their listings, their programming will surprise you.

5. My neighbor loves our dog and wants one of her puppies - Never do this. Chances are that once the puppies arrive, your neighbor will have changed his mind and can’t take a puppy. If he suggests you breed your dog to his dog…run! If the dogs aren’t like his, you will hear about it.

6. I’ve always been around dogs, taking care of a litter will be easy - You must spend at least four hours each day, making sure the whelping box and all areas are clean and litter free. Washing dirty towels and rugs will be a constant chore. Puppies also need nonskid surfaces, so they can learn to walk.

7. Our dog will have a better temperament if we breed her - First, if the dog has a bad temperament, never breed the animal in the hopes of improving it. Usually, hereditary issues affect an animal's temperament and breeding a dog with issues will only pass them to its offspring.

8. It would be fulfilling to the dog - Perhaps the dumbest reason of all. All animals have a reproductive instinct, but they have no idea what is missing from their life nor, do they feel regret or guilt. Pregnancy can also cause problems with your dog's health and sometimes death.

9. I only have the breed’s interest at heart - Money is not in the breeds best interest. Over breeding has destroyed many breeds and puppies often end up in shelters or abandoned. When abandoned, these animals are left to fend for themselves, which usually ends in agonizing death for the animal. Passion of producing a better animal drives the best breeders and should be the motivating factor when deciding to breed.

10. We should have no problem finding homes for the puppies - You can't let the puppies go to just any home with no consideration of the home they are going to. You must know if the adoptive family understands what they are getting into and if the puppy will fit their life style. Consider financial means and knowledge when placing a puppy. A contract guaranteeing the puppy’s health, including a neuter agreement is avisable.

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