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3 Heartwarming Reasons To Rescue Schnoodles
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3 Heartwarming Reasons to Rescue Schnoodles

To rescue schnoodles is like rescuing two of the cutest breeds of dogs at once, the schnauzer and the poodle. Not only will they be very loyal companions, but they don’t shed or drool. They are also mild tempered and great watchdogs because they are easily trained and are good barkers given the combinations of the two pure breeds that they are. Now to point out the heartwarming reasons to rescue schnoodles.

A general trait of all dogs is that they can be loyal companions. Schnoodles are no exception. They are very adaptable as long as they are with family. You can live and care for them in an apartment or farm house, play fetch in the yard or go on a 5 mile run. As long as they are with their owner or a family of owners, they are very content. This also means they are good with kids and usually get along with other animals pretty well.

As was mentioned above, Schnoodles don’t shed or drool. This makes keeping the house clean a lot easier. People with allergies tolerate them very well too. Neither the Schnauzer nor Poodle shed or drool either so it makes sense that a Schnoodle would have those traits as well. If you suffer from pretty severe alleries, you may want to bath them often (once a week) to make sure their dander doesn’t bother you. Just be sure to keep their coat silky and hydrated if you bathe them that much. Use an oatmeal or tea tree shampoo to maintain a healthy coat.

If you rescue schnoodles, you will see first-hand just how mild tempered and intelligent they are. This makes training them a breeze. There have been schnoodles that have learned all the names of all their toys, excelled at agility competitions and can be trained to be excellent watch dogs. If someone or something threatens a member of their family, their bark can turn into an intimidating roar aimed at the threat.

All you have to do is welcome one of these adorable and cuddly friends into your home to start experiencing the long list of good traits in Schnoodles. Decide to rescue schnoodles today and tomorrow can be your first full day of having the best friend ever, less allergic reaction to dogs, and someone always watching out for you. In other words, go out and rescue schnoodles to improve your life. All you have to do in return is make them feel like a part of your family for many years to come.

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Great article, I love when new dog owners can get information about all the possibilities of getting their dog from a shelter as we know there are plenty there waiting for a good home. Thank you

  about 1 decade ago
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