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A Dog Called “stompie”
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A Dog Called “stompie”

When we translocated from the city life to the farm, the only dog we owned was a Maltese poodle. Now nothing wrong with a poodle, but not for a farm, specially if raised in the city. The dog found the “going got tough” on the farm, and the grandeur of the cattle and sheep, too big a competition for her beauty. She detested being sent out in the morning to do her ablutions on long wet grass, and found the art of walking on two legs saving the dampening of the other two. The comical look of a dog walking on her front legs, hind in the air, demanded the search for a “farm” dog to protect the house. Enter “Stompie.”

Now Stompie, a fox terrier, a reputed pure bred, ideal for the farm, great watchdogs and good with the small vermin found on the farm. Well, Stompie could have been from the breed called fox terrier, the problem was he could also have been a border collie, for that matter a sausage dog, he ended as a mixed breed, or “Heinz 57”. When we collected the ball of fluff, the puppy form of Stompie, he appeared as a terrier only with long hair. This ball of fluff grew longer, than taller, his legs took on the shape and form of a sausage dog and his features resembled the border collie or sheep dog.

Stompie loved by all the family, especially by my son, who immediately assumed ownership and training of the hound. The dog followed wherever he went, and was soon taught to sit and beg for food. The sitting proved comical, his small stature made him capable of sitting on his hind quarters for extended periods of time. Biltong, (dried meat) a preferred delicacy of the family, his favourite, had him sitting or begging for hours. If he had only known, the oscillations of his fore paws, controlled by his breath, was a form of entertainment for the family, he may not of done it.

Stompie entered into children's pet competitions by my son, where his supposed “sit and stay,” beg for a reward and come when called. This never happened, his performance at home, impeccable, but at the school, anything but. My son's disappointment, heart breaking, specially when returning home, Stompie in tow, but always with a prize, capable of performing the tricks to perfection.

He managed to bring laughter into the house on many an occasion, especially with his fascination of the passing of wind, his own I mean. On one occasion, he had parked himself begging, next to my bed, where I was partaking in a snack of biltong. The floor had no mat, and with his rear in close contact with the floor he pass a wind that whistled with a high pitch. This had never happened before, and his reaction was to attempt to catch the foreign object that had attached itself to his rear end. He chased and chased, never catching the offending object but succeeded in inducing uncontrollable laughter in all that had heard and seen the deed.

He had the courage of a Lion, and the tenacity to stand up to dogs four times his size. He sired many a litter, none with terriers, but managed to "beat off" competitors, to get Doberman pinschers, German shepherds, Bullmastiffs and others of similar stature, to lie down so that he could reach the necessary area of breeding.

Stompie lived to a good old age but suffered from deafness and blindness towards the end. He never suffered, and I am still convinced that his deafness was a put on, he wanted to ignore us and lived by the saying “heard what he wanted to”, his blindness visible, as his bumping into furniture that had been rearrange, attested to. But he was never too deaf or blind to ignore the call of nature, when a female dog reached her readiness to breed, Stompie would be there, ready to do battle for the rewards. My neighbour can bear witness to this fact, as his certified pair of breeding Bullmastiffs produced litters of fluffy, sheep dog featured puppies.

No one could ever say there was something wrong with his nose.

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