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A Schnoodle Puppy – 4 Reasons To Get One
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A Schnoodle Puppy – 4 Reasons to Get One

A schnoodle puppy can bring you such joy and love. You will want to take him /her everywhere with you, as you should try to. Schnoodles just want to be part of a family. That family anything can be anything from two parents plus 4 kids to one parent taking care of just them. However their new home pans out, a schnoodle puppy the best pick for man’s best friend for these reasons.

This dog gets bursts of energy from time to time. A schnoodle puppy is capable of high energy given that they are part schnauzer, part poodle, both high energy breeds. This doesn’t mean you have to run miles or take hour long walks to tire him/her out. A good stint of fetch should do the trick. They also like to be chase, but luckily tire easily. Probably as fast as you do. A nice stroll each night after dinner is the perfect thing for your pup (and you too).

If you have kids, you are in luck. A schnoodle puppy will love chasing after your little ones, cuddling up with them and most of all, playing tug of war. Kids also have that energy that a schnoodle puppy thrives on. Let the kids chase him/her around the yard until they both tire out and just want to cuddle with you. Also, since schnoodles are hypoallergenic, they are easy on kids who have a high likelihood for having pet allergies. Their licking may still cause some mild itching, but they do not shed and have light dander.

Believe it or not, a schnoodle puppy can sound ten times bigger and more vicious that he/she actually is. For some reason, schnoodles have a deeper bark than most dogs their size. This means they are good watch dogs. No need to get that 110 pound Rottweiler to protect yourself or house. A schnoodle can intimidate other dogs and people they feel are a threat to you. With proper training, they can be taught to go into attack mode to defend you or anyone in your family.

A schnoodle puppy’s brain is like a sponge. He/she is able to learn anything you are willing to teach a dog. Teach them a few tricks or take them to agility training and enter them in competitions. Here’s a good activity to try (and a good excuse to buy them toys). Get at least 5 toys and give them all names. Take one toy a time for at least a week and only play with that toy. Every time you play with that toy, say its name over and over again. Repeat this for all five toys. After doing this for 2 or 3 toys put the toys in a basket or scattered around the house. Tell your schnoodle puppy to go get the toys by just saying their names. You will be surprised that they will come back with the right one.

A walking companion, a playmate for Junior, a respectable watchdog and a canine scholar – a schnoodle puppy can do it all. And in return, he/she just asks for your love and food (and treats if you got them). Not a bad deal for either of you.

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