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Approaching Pet Dumping Season - Do The Right Thing!
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Approaching Pet Dumping Season  -  Do The Right Thing!

Shocking isn't it I was appalled when I saw this image recently, but thanks to the hard work of rescue centres and their devotion the story ended happily! We're approaching pet dumping season and this is the time of year when irresponsible people dumps animals because they can't cope, go on holidays with no thought for their animals and various other reason that keep rescue organisations busy.

Unfortunately people take animals on without doing their homework first, and then when reality sets in and they find that the cute puppy they bought home costs money to feed, time to train, and vet bills for vaccinations and check ups they dump them. Owning a dog in particular is a responsibility that should be thoroughly investigated, that cute puppy is going to grow up and you need to be aware of a variety of factors when taking ownership of a dog. Some questions to ask before you take the plunge are:

  • Is my lifestyle suitable to accommodate a dog e.g. if your renting be aware that a lot of landlords don't allow pets especially dogs. Your going to find it harder and possibly more expensive if you have a dog when renting a property.
  • Have you researched the particular traits of the breed your about to take on for example I own a Boxer and they can present some problems if your not aware. They are very energetic and need exercise and like to be around their human companions. If your going to at work all day and can't be bothered taking your dog for a walk then a Boxer is probably not going to fit in.
  • Can you afford the food and ongoing costs of your pet, they don't live on fresh air and need to be vaccinated and have regular check ups at the vets, going to the vet can be a costly exercise its not hard to spend a couple of hundred dollars. God forbid if anything happens and they are involved in an accident it can run in to thousands!
  • Have you thought about what your going to do with your pet when you go on vacation, unfortunately they can't feed themselves and making arrangements for your animal is another expense you need to think about - kennels can be expensive and your dog may not suit that option. Some dogs just pine and fret when separated from their owners and families.

Really at the end of the day it's all about being responsible and not making some hasty decision your going to regret later, we've all been to the pet shop and seen those adorable kittens and puppies. If your tempted, put the brakes on ask yourself some questions and imagine your life when that puppy is fully grown.

Boxers for example are absolutely gorgeous and very hard to resist when puppies, but beware if you haven't done your homework when fully grown you could end up all sorts of problems, from destructive behaviour, separation anxiety, health problems to name a few. Boxers are often seen in rescue centres for this reason through no fault of their own or their breed people just don't do their homework and are totally unprepared for them.

If you've done the research and are ready to take on a dog explore the option of adopting from a rescue centre not only will you be saving a life but the rewards can be huge, there are many positive stories of rescue dogs who add value and companionship to their adopted owners lives in more ways than one. It is truly amazing how dogs can be abused and ill treated by humans and still learn to trust humans again when given a second chance.

I cannot imagine the thought of dumping my dog, she has become so much a part of family, she is like one of the kids. I have often been told when Bonnie my boxer is laying on the couch like a princess, "she's a dog, why''s she aloud on the furniture" or "she's just a dog, you spoil her". When we took her on it was totally out of the blue and even though I had owned boxers previously I had to ask all of the above questions, and at the time we had no intentions of taking a dog on.

She was 5 months old when we got her extremely cute, very difficult to resist! I was approached by one of the parents of my sons friends they were relocating back to the UK and needed a good home for her. It's been 4 years now and I would be devastated if anything was to happen to her. She has become a loyal much loved member of my family who is thoroughly spoilt - especially by my husband.

If you love dogs but your lifestyle doesn't permit why not volunteer at one of the many animal or rescue and adoption centres!

Street Talk

This is such a must read article. This happens way to much around the holiday season and thanks for bringing it to the forefront!

  about 9 years ago

Share it with everybody! The thing i learn't was just how dedicated the rescue centres are and how much work time and money they put into saving these poor dogs, the dog in the picture actually survived and was rehomed there is a picture of what he looks like after they got him adopted truly amazing he survived on my site. Thank for dropping in Shawn

  about 9 years ago
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