Are Essential Oils Safe For Dogs?
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Are Essential Oils Safe for Dogs?

If you are like me, your dogs (pets) are your children. You want them to receive the best care possible which includes natural treatments when they need it, not pharmaceuticals with side effects. Since essential oils aid the body by healing and the prevention of ailments, the next step would be to ask, “Are essential oils safe for dogs?”.

Most of them are, however, it is generally recommended they not be given internally. Aromatic or topical solutions should be used. You must also remember that your dog cannot tell you what is or is not working-you must closely watch their reactions. Watch for excessive scratching, sniffing, nervousness, or whining to indicate a negative reaction.

Always be sure to use certified pure, therapeutic grade oils and dilute them to 25% of the adult formula due to their size (Great Danes excepted!). Keep in mind that what is good for a big dog is not good for a small dog. Do not use any oils on puppies under 8 weeks old or toy breeds under 10 weeks old.

Let Your Dog Choose

It’s not as strange as it sounds. Animals have the innate ability to know what they need (zoopharmacognosy in scientific terms). Choose an essential oil and offer it to your dog to smell (after diluting it). If he likes it, he may just want to smell it. He may also want to lick it. If your dog doesn’t like it (exhibiting any of behaviors above), do not enforce its use. A dog’s sense of smell is estimated to be 10-100 times better than ours. Imagine being covered by fragrance you hate-then multiply it by 10 or 100 and you will understand why you shouldn't force the use of any given oil if your dog doesn’t like it.

Has your dog ever "chosen" something like this? A toy or a better smelling treat? Leave a comment on my site-I would love to hear your story!

“Dog Safe” Essential Oils

According to Dogs Naturally Magazine, some safe oils for your dog are:

Lavender-to help condition your new dog to a safe space. It may help allergies, burns, ulcers, insomnia, car ride anxiety, and car sickness (just to name a few).

Helichrysum is anti-bacterial, reduces bleeding in accidents, is a skin regenerator, and helps repair nerves. It is also useful in cardiac disease.

Frankincense has helped in some cases of cancer and has reduced tumors and external ulcers. It works to strengthen the immune system and increases blood supply to the brain, however, it can worsen hypertension so use with caution.

Essential Oil Recipes for Dogs

Anti-Flea Spray: Mix 10-20 drops of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, and Lavender with 6-8 oz. of water in a spray bottle. Gently shake, then spray the mixture on the dog's legs, collar (remove it to spray, then put it back on), and on his back towards his tail. Also spray his bedding or outside where he might spend a lot of time. This recipe is also good as a mosquito repellent-no mosquitoes, no heartworms!

Split Paw Pad-Diluted Melaleuca can be applied directly to the paw pads to soothe dryness and fight infection. Don’t overuse as this oil is intended to soften the pads just enough to avoid cracking and bleeding. If they are already bleeding, use Lavender to help with pain and prevent scarring.

Canine Ear Infection-Apply diluted Peppermint oil along the ear line, on the outside of the ear (never internally, because it would burn the tender ear canal), and over the fur down the tube of the ear from the outside.

Treatment for Kennel Cough-Combine 25 drops each of Breathe, Lime and Thyme. Diffuse! Apply topically with a drop of Balance to paws 4 – 6 times daily.

These are just a few of the treatments used involving essential oils. Keep in mind, these oils are also good for your other pets-more articles on those subjects will follow so stay tuned!

The basic principles of using essential oils on your dog are easy to learn. They can add a new dimension to your life and a new level of communication between you and your dog. So, are essential oils safe for dogs? If you follow the rule of allowing choice and know a little about what they can do, then yes, they can be a safe and effective way of helping your dog.

If you have tried essential oils on your dog, leave a comment on my site and let me know what it was and how it worked. It's always fun to share and you might give someone else a great idea!

P.S.-The Dog Whisperer uses essential oils!

Enjoy and Share!

Victoria Rizer

Joyful Essential Oils

About the Author: Victoria has been using doTerra essential oils since 2010 to improve her overall health and wellness. She will teach you how to use essential oils to relieve specific symptoms and illnesses and how to maintain your physical and emotional health. Victoria is also a Reiki II practitioner with Royal Reiki in Virginia. She has been practicing Reiki for 4 years.

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