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Are You Ready For A Boxer Dog
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Are You Ready for A Boxer Dog

You've decided after seeing that gorgeous boxer puppy you want one, but are you ready for a boxer dog? I use the word dog rather than puppy because remember this puppy will grow into a dog! People get all carried away with the first feeling they have when they see puppies and it never occurs to them that this cuddly little bundle of joy will soon grow into a rather large dog which may not be quite so cute anymore.

People don't do enough research when getting dogs and take the responsibility far too lightly in my opinion, there is a lot to consider when you are thinking about owning a boxer dog. Rescue centres are full of dogs that people have bought on a whim and have given them up or god forbid dumped them all because they didn't do their homework.

You have to look a the pros and cons of the breed, nothing is perfect! The boxer dog has many fantastic traits but there not for everybody and you need to be aware of there specific quirks!


  • The boxer is a friendly and very family oriented dog, they adore children
  • They are relatively easy to groom having a short smooth coat and don't require excessive bathing
  • The boxer is considered the clown of the dog world and will always put a smile on your face
  • They are sensitive to their owners feelings and can adjust to particular family situations - they have been used as therapy and service dogs for this reason
  • Alert and protective of their families, while I wouldn't recommend them as a full on guard dog but they will let you know when someone is entering your property and I have no doubt that my dog would protect her family if the need arose
  • If your energetic and like exercise then the boxer is the perfect companion they excel at dog sports like agility and flyball which can be a great hobby for all of the family to get involved in


  • The boxer dog can have some health issues and you need to be aware of these particular issues and need to be vigilant and keep an eye on your dogs health, regular routine trip to the vet is a must so if something crops up you can catch it before it becomes major there is plenty of information on this to be found quite easily via the internet or books
  • They are an energetic and athletic dog that will require regular exercise
  • Being a strong muscular type of dog they need to trained and socialized with other dogs early, so if you haven't got the time to do regular obedience then your in for some dramas
  • They do like to be around people and are mostly an indoor dog especially in colder climates due to their short coats
  • Because they are an intelligent and curious dog they need lots of stimulation - a bored boxer can cause a lot of damage and destruction if they are left to amuse themselves and ignored

So in conclusion before racing out the door and getting a boxer dog, please make sure that you and your family have what it takes to own one of these beautiful dogs. Take your time and do the research talk to boxer dog club members and go to some of their meetings and show days so you can see the breed in action, also it is very important that when selecting your puppy that you only deal with reputable breeders, this is a breeder who is passionate about the breed and can provide you with the history of the puppy and that they have had their dogs tested for particular illnesses and diseases common in boxer dogs.

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