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Arthritis In Dogs: Recognising The Symptoms
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Arthritis In Dogs: Recognising the Symptoms

Dogs get ailments just like we do and one of the most common sources of chronic pain in dogs is arthritis. Anyone who suffers from arthritis will tell you it’s no fun, but at least we can verbalise our symptoms and get help from a doctor, but what about Fido?

Dogs, as we all know, are often described as mans best friend. There’s a reason for that. Dogs are loyal, faithful, loving and lovable and it is well known that owning a pet can, among other things, help reduce stress, relieve tension, reduce blood pressure and prevent loneliness. They encourage us to get out and exercise and generally help with our moods. They are also good listeners. They will sit there all day listening to us drone on and on without judging us. However dogs sometimes need us to return the compliment and pay them a little extra attention.

Dog arthritis can be very debilitating and it is important that you keep an eye on your dog and watch for the early signs. These signs can be things like favouring a leg, obvious difficulty in standing up or lying down, reduction in alertness, gaining weight, and loss of interest in playing, just to name a few.

You don’t necessarily have to whisk Fido of to the vet at the very first signs, but if he continues to display these types of abnormal behaviour for more than a couple of weeks, it is advisable to pay a visit to the vet and get him checked over.

There are a number of things that can lead to your dog suffering from arthritis. Even the breed of dog can play a role in the likelihood of Fido suffering from it at some point. (Large breed dogs tend to be more susceptible as do overweight dogs, because of the extra strain on their joints.)

Dog arthritis, like the human equivalent, is a degenerative disease and can really make your dogs life pretty miserable, but there are ways you can vastly improve Fido’s quality of life. Apart from the medications available there are other things you can do, such as keeping his weight under control and keeping up his exercise, but remember, while exercise is beneficial for both you and him, you should not let him overdo it. Keep him under control and don’t have him jumping and bouncing around as this can make things worse. Also, try to keep him warm and dry, as cold and damp conditions can make life worse for him.

One last thing, just because your medication works for you, don't automatically think it will work for Fido. On the contrary, it could be toxic to him. Always check with the vet first.

Your dog is your best friend. Don’t let dog arthritis ruin his life. Be good to him. You know he would do the same for you.

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