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Back To Nature: Natural Dog Shampoo Makes Fido Feel Great
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A clean dog with a healthy coat is a truly beautiful animal, but giving one a bath can be a bit of a challenge when their fur is excessively dirty. A dog’s coat needs the right combination of mild soap and natural oils to keep it looking beautiful, but some products on the market are too harsh on the fur. During the grooming process using shampoo with natural extracts and essences protects the skin and coat.

For Home or Professional Use

Dog shampoos with natural ingredients can be used at home when washing the dog by hand, or at professional grooming salons. They contain only natural cleansing ingredients with no artificial colours, chemicals or fragrances added. A number of products are on the market and each one is designed for the needs of different coats. They are great to use on show dogs as well, to make them stand out in the ring and catch the judge’s eye.

• For dogs with a harsh, dry coat a shampoo containing dewberry adds lustre and richness.

• Shampoo with coconut extract is good for silky coats.

• Hypoallergenic shampoo is right for dogs with extra-sensitive skin.

• Shampoo with tea tree oil acts as a natural disinfectant.

• For excitable dogs a shampoo with lavender calms them.

• Shampoos with zest of orange, avocado and watercress extracts or peach and passion fruit extracts are suitable for all types of coats.

Dog owners unsure about which kind of natural shampoo to buy for their canine companion can begin by trying out sample sizes or mixed boxes. There are a great many shampoos on the market and finding the right one gentle enough to be kind to their dog’s coat can take some time. Many pet owners will experiment with each different kind until they find the right one.

The Benefits of Going All-Natural

Dog shampoos containing only natural ingredients clean the coat down deep all the way to the roots, and they promote a fantastically healthy glow. They protect the skin and coat without stripping away the natural oils. The best shampoos have no artificial dyes and are biodegradable. They have a high dilution rate, a pH balance of 5.5 to 6.0 and they meet Kennel Club standards.

Dogs with dermatology problems can benefit from an all-natural oatmeal shampoo. For a scratching problem the oatmeal effectively relieves the itch. Other natural ingredients in a concoction such as this include:

• Essences of burdock, comfrey, calendula and aloe Vera

• Extracts of peppermint and spearmint

• Oat protein

• Vitamin B5

Shampoo residue can irritate a dog’s skin but this mixture has minimal lather and rinses out completely. It leaves the animal feeling great and smelling minty fresh.

Other types of natural remedies for a dog’s skin and coat include oatmeal and honey shampoo, shampoo with a mixture of oatmeal, aloe Vera and minerals from the Dead Sea and shampoo with jasmine and lemongrass.

Dog owners know that man’s best friend deserves a healthy, clean coat. Using the right dog shampoo isn’t always about picking up the cheapest brand on the market. Making the effort to select the right one makes a difference in the coat’s condition in the long run.

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