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Best Dry Puppy Food Tips
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Best Dry Puppy Food Tips

They all say it......."WE have the best dry puppy food on the market" or "Our puppy food is the best rated puppy food anywhere". So, are they right? And better yet, how do you really know for sure? Can you really believe dog food companies?

Bottom line is if you don't do your homework and know what to look for in a quality puppy food then you really won't ever be sure, will you? It's really sad these days sorting through all the marketing hype that you hear from these companies. So who's really giving you all the facts? Who can you trust?

Well here are a few tips that might help you in determining if the food you choose for your puppy really is the best dry puppy food.

1. Be sure and take the time to read the ingredient list on the bag of dog food that you intend to buy. It's amazing how much you can learn by just reading the labels. Be sure and pay close attention to the first five ingredients on the list.

Most people don't realize this but the majority of the food in the bag is made up of the first five ingredients on the list. So, for example, if the first ingredient listed is corn meal then that means that the majority of the food in the bag is corn meal.

Now even if you didn't know a thing about dog food, you would probably be thinking to yourself that feeding a diet primarily of corn meal to your puppy just doesn't seem right, much less nutritious. And you would be absolutely right. So pay CLOSE attention to the big five on the list.

2. Now that brings us to our next tip................look for a quality protein source. Puppies and adult dogs need a quality protein source in their food. It's the number one priority when looking at a food.

And remember, not just any old protein source. You want one that is top quality. The best dry puppy food should have chicken or fish, for example, in the number one spot on the list. Your puppies eyes, lungs, brain, teeth and bones depend on protein to help them grow and develop.

3. And finally, the last but not least tip. Stay away from by products! That can't be over stated. By Products are the "leftovers" of everything and they are very unhealthy for your puppy. So just remember, NO BY PRODUCTS! If you see it on the list......say "next". You'll be glad you did!

Hopefully these tips will help you find the best dry puppy food for your dog!

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