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Calming Your Traumatized Dog's Fears Of Thunderstorms Or Loud Noises
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This is article 2 of Calming your dog During a Thunderstorm

We all know how soothing music is and how it can make us relax when we get stressed out or after a really trying day.

Did you know that your dog fear of loud noises or thunderstorms may also be calmed through the use of soothing music? The way to calm a highly strung or overly anxious dog could very well be found in harp music. The vibrations and blended tones of a harp have been tested on many different animals including dogs. Many veterinarians and pet behavioral specialists use harp music as a tool for behavior modification for undesired behavior in animals.

The harp player Sue Raimond has studied the effects of the strings of the harp which when played send out overtones, some of which cannot be heard by the human ear, and their effects on stress levels at the cellular level.

Some of the benefits of music therapy on humans has shown to be reduced stress levels, decreased blood pressure, slower heart rate, speeds up recovery following surgery, increases endorphin levels and pumps up immune function.

Harp music is believed to be 95% effective in calming pets, even the ones who cannot hear as they are able to feel the vibrations of the cords. Playing the music on CD's have an 87% success rate. Dogs need to hear at least 3 minutes of the music for it to take effect. Most dogs will sit down at this point and after 10 to 20 minutes most are calmly resting or are in deep sleep.

Play the music only as needed and not continuously as dogs may become used to it and then it may no longer work.

It has been said that harp music by Sue Raimond has helped dog cancer patients relax.

We can attest to the fact that soothing music helps us after we have been stressed out with our daily lives.

It is definitely worth a try the next time you hear thunderstorms brewing, put on some harp music when your dog hears the storm coning and starts getting anxious and you may be surprised at how well this works.

I am going to give it a try and I will let everyone know how well it works on my two little shitzhus. My older male shakes like a leaf when he starts hearing thunder and the younger female gets anxious and starts to bark. What a combination in the middle of the night when we all should be sleeping. Maybe the harp music will put us all back to sleep.

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