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Can Dogs Get Colds And Flu?
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Can Dogs Get Colds And Flu?

Did You Know That Dogs Can Dogs Get Influenza

Winter is not only the time to worry about catching cold, but it is actually its primary time. Most of us will spend a lot of time in closed doors with all windows shut giving no chance for germs to enter. But with time however, you or a family member will eventually catch the cold, but did you also know that it could be your dog that catches this infectious condition of the respiratory system?

Well then, it is for a fact that dogs can actually get colds and flu. There are several differences in the viruses that infect dogs and humans, but basically, symptoms are just the same; coughing, a lot of sneezing, watery eyes and running or stuffing nose among others.

Still Learning

Flu diagnosis in dogs can be difficult at times; this is because the symptoms have a similarity just like other respiratory diseases. Therefore, tests are required to determine the flu. Researchers are yet to reveal more facts on dogs catching influenza from human beings, though few cases have been reported, attributed to the fact that dogs are susceptible to more of flu strains than humans. People however do not need to worry about catching the respiratory infection from dogs as there are no evidences yet to prove this fact.

Nasty Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is a very common condition that causes dry cough in dogs. This type is very contagious, and as the name suggests, it is gotten from a kennel or boarding-facility. The unique characteristics of this condition that enables easy recognition is the fact that dogs produce a honking sound. If you have boarded your dog, or it has come into contact with a boarded dog in recent times, then this is a high consideration by the veterinary doctor during treatment or diagnosis.

You Probably Need A Vet

Cold coughs that the dog may be infected with include; influenza virus, tuberculosis and adeno-virus; these can be transmitted from one dog to another. Canine distemper is a life threatening viral illness with symptoms such as vomiting, serious coughing, high fever and thick discharges from either the nose or mouth. This therefore calls for a more veterinary care for the dog.

Be Sympathetic

The condition can be treated just like in humans. There are flu vaccines that can help lessen the severity, impacts as well as duration of the condition. There are other ways of caring for your cold-stricken dog; proper diet, healthy foods, liquids including chicken soup, keeping it warm among other several practices. Even though such conditions are known to improve with respect to its onset time, some dogs' respiratory systems may not be well prepared and therefore, antibiotics or other forms of medication may be a necessity. Keep the dog inside especially during cold weather, but of course with a few relief trips outside!

Just Like Us

The most frequently asked question yet with the simplest of answers therefore goes well answered; yes, dogs can actually get colds and flu; especially during cold weather just like human beings. All you need to do is just care for it as you would care for yourself. Human cold and flu symptoms are no different from those dogs, implying that treatment is more or less the same.

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