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Choosing A Dog
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Choosing A Dog

The time has come when it is time to choose a new dog. Many years have passed since my last dog died and I feel ready once again to have a new best friend.

Before I embark on the search there are several questions that I have to answer before I even start looking at those cute puppies or sad rescue dogs seeking a forever home.

Important points to remember in any search for a dog are the following:

  • Do I want a puppy from a breeder?
  • Do I want a dog from a rescue centre?
  • How old should the dog be?

Personally I know that although I love puppies (who doesn’t) I really want to give a home to a puppy or dog that needs rescuing. I feel quite strongly about all those poor dogs that end up behind a cage just looking out hoping that someone will love them. So, for me, a puppy or a dog up to about 2 years of age is what I am after.

Next I have to consider what type of dog:

  • Do I have an idea of the breed of dog I want?
  • Should it be a pedigree or would I be happy with a cross breed or mongrel?
  • Do I want a small dog?
  • Do I want a big dog?
  • Or perhaps a dog in between size?

I live in a town in a house with a small garden so for me a large dog would be out of the question but a medium sized or small dog would be ideal. I am not bothered about a pedigree so a cross breed or mongrel would be fine. For me the character of the dog is more important.

More questions to consider:

  • Do I want a dog for protection?
  • Do I want a companion dog?
  • Do I have children?
  • Can I handle a dog with behaviour problems?
  • Do I want an easily trainable dog?
  • My energy level.

I want a companion dog and I have no young children. I could handle minor behavioural problems but not anything too serious. I would like my dog to be trainable but only for normal everyday commands. Oh and most important of all my energy level is only moderate so a dog that likes a daily walk would be fine for me but not one that needs excessive exercise.

The final task for me to undertake before I even step inside a rescue centre is to check out all the details of the various breeds and see which ones will match my wish list. Then armed with my shortlist of requirements I will make my visit to the centre where hopefully I will find my perfect buddy.

If you want to see how I get on and follow my progress on my search for my perfect dog then please visit my about dogs only site, and finally good luck in your search for your perfect dog.

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