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Common Skin Problems In Dogs And Their Remedies
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Common Skin Problems In Dogs And their Remedies

The mirror of a dogs health

The skin and coat of dog is the mirror of his health. Dog skin problems

are quite common. As with humans, dogs are also allergic to insects, food,

hormones, and environmental factors. However, as with other problems, there are

many cures for dogs skin problems. Let's have a close look at some common skin

problems in dogs.


Mainly there are 2 types of mange in dogs; sarcoptic (Sarcoptes scabei) and demodectic (Demodex canis). It is caused due to the microscopic mites that may burrow beneath their skin. These parasites spread through direct contact, and can even be passed on to humans, but they cannot live for long.

Mange may cause serious health issues, such as irritated or inflamed skin, itchiness, hair loss, skin infection, and scab formation. It is diagnosed using a microscope, and is treated with Interceptor, Ivermectin, Advantage Multi, and Revolution.


Allergies are one of the most common skin condition in dogs. Some allergies that cause skin problems are allergic inhalant, flea allergy, food allergy, and dermatitis (atopy).

The common symptoms of allergies are skin irritation, licking between toes, itchy skin, sneezing, runny nose or eyes. The allergies are diagnosed after physical examination and the dog is usually referred to a dermatologist so that it can receive the best possible care. As with humans, all seasonal allergies of dogs are treated using anti-inflammatory drugs, and antihistamines. Conditions such as flea allergy and food allergy are resolved by systematically removing all triggers.

Hormonal imbalances

A lack of or excess hormones can also cause various skin problems in dogs. Examples are hyperadrenocorticism (too much of cortisone), hyperestrogenism (too much of estrogen), and hypothyroidism (insufficient thyroid hormone).

Common symptoms are darkening of skin, hair loss, lethargy, skin infection, lethargy, spontaneous production of milk, change in behavior, decreased or increased appetite, depression, etc. The problem is diagnosed by measuring hormone levels and blood tests. The treatment involves balancing the hormone levels.


Ticks are mainly found around the dog's head, neck and around their toes. They can even pass on this disease, and it can also lead to tick paralysis. The best way to deal with the problem is to kill the ticks. The home remedies that may work are application of nail polish or alcohol on ticks.


It is a skin condition of dogs that is often characterized by oily or dry skin. This disease can be secondary to other problems such as parasites, autoimmune disorders, and allergies.

The usual symptoms are dryness, cracking, and excessive oiliness of skin. Other signs include itchiness, scab formation, loss of hair, skin infection and bad odor. It is treated with medication by a veterinarian.

Dietary deficiency

Sometimes dogs skin problem may also arise due to dietary deficiencies and include scratching, hair loss, irritation, and gives the coat and skin an unhealthy look. This often results when dogs are fed on low quality dog food. Dogs should also be given raw beef, poultry, or lamb few times in a week.

Atopic dermatitis

This skin problem is caused by environmental allergens. Dogs suffering due to airborne allergies will often rub their nose and face against a carpet or sofa. Dogs also develop ear infections due to persistent yeast overgrowth. Dust, trees, pollen, trees, wool fabric, and grass are just few airborne allergens that dogs are sensitive to. Mostly vets prescribe antihistamines.

Ascertaining the source of various dog skin problems is quite difficult. Many of these skin conditions become very painful therefore dog owners should never give up finding a cure as well as trying to discover what is creating the problem.

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