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Cookie Bones
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Cookie Bones

For those of you that are like me, and don't like feeding my dog store-bought treats,not because I'm cheap but because, I'm a crusader when it comes to feeding our pets quality food, at least human quality foods and treats.

I guess the reason is, at one time I blamed myself for being ignorant about dog food and treats and I believed low quality, not cheap food, caused the death of my Boxer, Maggie. I know better these days, so I make treats for my dog whenever we get low on them.

The problem with giving your dog most types of treats is this, once you give them to you dog, ten seconds later they are back looking for another one. Does that sound familiar? But what can you do, they just gobble the treats up and it makes you wonder if they even tasted it. If you would like to try something new and different try my recipe!

You'll be saving money and providing your dog with a much healthier treat than you can buy in a store with my Cookie Bones Recipe.

The way I came up with this is kind of accidental. After the first dog food recall scare for jerky treats, I decided to buy and cook beef marrow bones for my dog. They were natural, inexpensive and I didn't need to worry about preservatives, food coloring, sub quality grains and meats and so on. I would cook these at 350 for 40 minute let them cool and give them as daily treats. But, I had all these empty bones around the house.

Then, I thought about Kong Toys and thought, gee what would be a natural toy a dog would play with for hours? And it hit me! Use the empty used marrow bones and re-purpose them. So that's what I did. The next batch of cookies I made my dog, I made by stuffing the biscuit dough into the hole of the beef marrow bones, and there it was my "Cookie Bones"

If your concerned about germs or bacteria you can boil the used bones for a minute or two and let them cool then clean them up getting the bits off them, Then collect them in a jar until you have a couple dozen to make Cookie Bones.

My dog loves them, and now it takes her minutes instead of a few seconds, to eat her treats. I make them in all sorts of flavors and sizes depending on what I feel like making on that particular day. There is a trick in picking out which bones to re purpose. It's important to select marrow bones that are 2 to 3 inches long.

It's also important to find bones with a clean hole in the center, which will make it easier for you to fill with biscuit (Cookie) dough. But it's not so easy for your dog to get the cookie out. One other thing you need to do is cap off the cookie dough on each end of the marrow bone. So, it look's the way it does in my photo.

Use my bodacious beef and bacon recipe to fill your cookie bones with!

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