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Dealing With The Death Of Your Dog
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Dealing With The Death Of Your Dog

One of the hardest things I've had to deal with as a pet owner is the death of one of my dogs. In one case, both of my dogs died the same day for two different reasons. It is a gut wrenching, heart breaking experience that leaves you an emotional train wreak. From the first time to the last time it never gets any easier, not the second or even the third time around.

We all know, that there will be a day that our pets life will end. So what is the best way to deal with it? For me my pets are a very big part of my life. They are like children to me. And as much as a guy like Cesar Millian says he doesn't humanize dogs I think Cesar Millian is full of re-fried beans. What about his pit-bull DADDY, he was busted up about Daddy's death no matter what he says publicly.

So even professionals like veterinarians and lab techs "lose it" when their loved one dies. And you know what that's fine, that's a natural response to death of a person or pet who was a part of your life. Everybody deals with death differently as they go through the different stages of grieving. When our boxers Maggie and Copper died my wife Michele and I were inconsolable, we couldn't even bare the thought of coming home to an empty house.

Everything in our home reminded me of them, Maggie and Copper, have been gone now for 5 years. I still miss them immensely, and I still call their names at times when talking to my present dog. I still have their ashes and favorite dog toys saved for them, I just can't let them go. Not in that way, I don't have too, and I am not ashamed of myself for caring so deeply, thankfully it is who I am. One way I dealt with Maggie's passing was to have a picture of her tattoo'd on my arm.

Some people may think that's a little extreme. But, for me it helped a great deal to know she's right here with me. Talk to the people in your life that understand. When my last boxer Muggsey died unexpectedly I was hit broad side. He was only 4 and his liver shut down, I was once again devastated, my friends at work helped me through it. If you live alone then seek help from a group that can help you deal with it.

Don't listen to these heartless, uncaring fools that say something like "JUST GET ANOTHER DOG" The day after your dog dies. A day may come when you are ready to help another dog, by rescuing one or whatever. Sure enough you will do what your going to when your ready. These people, that say stupid things at the wrong time, don't get it!

They don't get the concept of love or commitment. I don't believe, they even know what compassion and empathy is. It's because of people like that, there's a skyrocketing crime and divorce rates, thousands of kids either abandoned by there parents or taken away by the state. The uncaring and irresponsible don't invest themselves in anything, but that's a post for another time another place.

I chose to get another dog after Muggsey died, her name is Jersey Girl. She was 5 and we rescued her from being crated 20 hours a day, neglected and half starved. She has helped me to realize that it's a purpose of mine, that during my life I'm here to help those that can't help themselves. Even if it's only one dog at a time.

The joy and happiness we get in return is worth more than money. And if we can make just one dogs life better for the short time they are with us, it okay with me. if you want to read about Maggie,Copper and Muggsey you can read my bones and biscuits.

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