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Do Dogs Have A Sense Of Humor
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Do Dogs Have A Sense Of Humor

Do Dogs See The Funny Side Of Things

We all love our pets and there are few pets more loved than the dog. As man's best friend, we are often drawn to dogs because of their human characteristics. Dogs can appear empathetic, inquisitive, angry, and even depressed. However, what many people want to know about their bet is, do dogs have a sense of humour? The answer is a little more complicated than you might at first think.

Dog Jokes

First, it's important to understand that dogs do not have a sense of humor like a person. When you tell a dog a joke, it's not going to laugh of course. However, this does not mean that dogs do not have some capacity for humor. Dogs have something that is similar to humor that we often refer to as playfulness. Playfulness is the action of doing something silly and unnecessary for one's own pleasure or for the pleasure of others.

While this is not always the traditional definition of humor, playfulness is a characteristic in dogs that can be most closely thought of as humor.

Playful Times

Most dog owners can think of their pet's playfulness. Usually dogs are playful with their toys. When a dog takes their ball to you and wants you to throw it, they're trying not only to get you to throw the ball, but also to be involved in their playful behavior. By throwing their toys, playing tug-of-war and other similar games with your pet, you and your dog are having a great time!

One of the reasons why dogs want to play is because they feel happiness through playing with other people, much as we feel a sense of humor. Their playfulness is contagious, also similar to humor, and they have a great time basically doing nothing except for interacting with their owners. Dogs often try to encourage their owners to be playful, much as we might tell a joke to lighten a situation. When a dog picks up a toy and then shakes it around or puts it in our lap, they're trying to initiate a playful experience.

Golden Retrievers

While most dogs have some sort of playfulness or humor inherent, some breeds are much more so than others. Golden retrievers have been ranked as some of the most enjoyable in this category. As great companions, golden retrievers rank high on the companionship and playfulness scale.

Irish Setters and Airedales are also breeds of dog that love to play with people, showing their humor in an outward and fun fashion. Dogs that tend to be low on this scale are generally bloodhound and basset hound to just name a few. While most breeds of dog will have playfulness in their natures, at least a small amount, some dogs definitely want to play more than others.

Pet Fun

So, in closing, do dogs have a sense of humour? The answer is a definitive yes! Dogs have the same desire to laugh and enjoy life that we do, but it's simply expressed in a different way. For a great time with your pet, spend a few hours playing with them.

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