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Dog Clothing - Why Its So Important To Dress Your Dog
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Dog Clothing  -  Why Its So Important to Dress Your Dog

Dress Your Dog In Personality Clothing

Today dog clothing is more popular worldwide than ever before. Dressing your dog is a fun and cute way to show off his character. However, various types of dog clothes also serve a practical purpose. They help in protecting a dog from the elements, keeping him warm and dry, and also provides protection from the blazing sun.

Why It's Good To Dress Up Your Dog

* Warmth

If your dog is covered with a thick heavy coat, the dog collar is the only clothes he may need. But if he feels cold inside your house (you can sense it by feeling his ears), he may need clothing. Dog in clothes also ensure their well being, so think about getting a hoodie, shirt, or long johns (yes, they're available for dogs as well!).

* Protect his paws

Although dog paws are tough, they are hairy with crevices and folds. Walking your dog in some areas i.e. hot or frozen pavements may be harmful for their health. You can now buy quality boots made of wear and water resistant materials.

* Meeting people

Dogs in clothes attract more attention, and when they do so, they make their owners feel proud. Dogs also learn ways to handle so much attention making them better pets!

Shopping tips for dog clothing

* You should look for clothing that suits his personality. If the dog sits beside you during sports, get him a jersey with your team's logo or choose multi-colored stylish outfits.

* Clothing with zippers and buttons are not good for daily use. If it's for a short period only, or some festive occasion, then it is fine. Rather use dog clothes held together using Velcro which are better and safer for your pets.

* Always buy clothing suited to the area you live. You won't need a thick wool sweater if you reside in Texas as winters there are mild. If you live in a rainy area, then you should stock up with boots and raincoats.

* Always choose the right size of clothing. Dogs in clothes look smart if they fit well. Therefore, measure your dog occasionally so that you can check the available sizes and purchase clothes that will fit perfectly.

* You should always choose high quality clothes as they not only look fabulous, but last much longer than cheaper versions and won't rip or tear easily.

* Check for online sales as you can often get quality items at unbelievable prices. Many stores put up clothing for the end of season sales making it a perfect opportunity to purchase lovely outfits for your dog at affordable rates.

Get Accessories

If your furry friend doesn't like wearing those trendy clothes, you should not worry. You can still make him stand out from the rest without making him uncomfortable by using various accessories. For instance, you can purchase a few hair bows, bandanas, little bowties, or bells that are specifically designed for dogs and are available in various sizes. It's also possible to accessorize and enhance the dogs personality by using designer harnesses, collars, and leashes.

When trying a few of these suggestions on your dog and it turns around and bites you then please don't blame me!

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