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Dog Park Behavior
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Dog Park Behavior

Is it just me? or has anyone noticed that some people will let their dogs get away all kinds of bad behavior at the dog park? I think it a bit of a reflection on them don't you? At our dog park there are a few picnic tables where the dog owner will sit and hang out until it's time to go home.

But inevitably someone's dog jumps on the picnic table and begins trying to get every ones attention. Worse yet multiple dogs jump on the table and then nobodies safe from the licking barking and horsing around on top of the table.

I am all for the dogs having a good time but, I don't think that allowing them on the picnic table is a good idea. How are they supposed to know the difference between the picnic table and your kitchen table? Especially when there's freshly cooked meat on the table it?

One thing I don't understand about some dog owners is how little they know about dogs themselves. It seems like someone's dog is always going after another dog and the owners are surprised.

They don't seem to know anything about a dog's body language. Which can get a bit worry some when there are 5 or 6 dogs or more playing together and some are dominant some submissive and others fearful or aggressive.

The problem is most dog owners don't know much about dog behavior, especially dog park behavior!

Q. Does you dog greet other dogs properly? what should they do?

A. They should approach the face and then the genitals of the dog they are greeting!

Q. How do you know your dog is going to get aggressive can you tell?

A. Ears back, hackles up, tail between legs, maybe snarling, this is defensive aggression

Q. Do you know if you are mistaking playfulness for aggression?

A. A playful posture is one where the front legs maybe sprayed open in a ready to pounce or spring forward posture. The tail will be up, and so will the ears, eyes will be soft and open.

Q. How you you know if your dog is aroused by another can you tell? And I don't meant after they have tried to mount another dog!

A. Stiff waging of the tail, open mouth, ears forward, staring.

Q. Don't over stay if your dog is over whelmed and frightened can you tell in their posture?

A. head lowered, paw raised, ears back and tail low or tucked, take them home and try again another day.

Q. Do you know if your dog is a submissive dog?

A. lying on back or belly, tail tucked and looking away from other dogs these are submissive actions.

Q. How do you know if your dog is getting defensive? they don't have to bark and growl to let you know!

A. Ears back, Tail down, hackles up, maybe crouched.

Now that you know, about dog park behavior and how to tell how your dog is feeling. Before trouble breaks out, you can do something about it! Which I recommend leaving the park and going back another day. Make going to the park a good experience. For you, your dog and the other dog owners.

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