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Dog Separation Anxiety
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What do you do when you find your dog is a little more attached to you than you feel he should be. You cannot leave him at home alone because he cries, whines or barks, scratches furniture or doors or worse wrecks the house. Your dog could be suffering from dog separation anxiety.

He has become too reliant and dependant on you and now he cannot bear to be separated from you. This is not an easy syndrome to cure but here are a few things you could try.

  • You may want to have a word with your vet. There may be some kind of medication that could help.
  • Make sure you dog gets plenty of exercise - especially before you plan to leave him at home on his own. A tired dog is a more relaxed one.
  • Make a place that is exclusively for you dog to relax and play in. My dogs have a crate and they love it. It is like their little den.
  • Try not to let your dog be too affectionate. Ignore him for a while and then show him some attention. Repeat this for a few days or weeks depending on the severity of the problem. This will probably hurt you more than the dog.
  • Try leaving your dog for 10 minutes at a time. Each day extend it a little.
  • Take your dog to a behavioural expert.

Change your routine when you go out leaving your dog at home. Sometimes all it takes to get them into a state is seeing you put your shoes on or the jingle of the car keys. They know you are leaving so they follow you around. Never make a fuss of them either when you leave or return. Make it seem like it is nothing special and is that to leave them on their own is nothing to worry about.

Over 10% of all puppies and dogs are said to be suffering with this syndrome. It is especially hard when you are at home most of the time with the dogs. They get used to you being there with them and when you do go out, they cannot cope.

It is a difficult situation when your dog suffers from this. Dog Separation Anxiety is difficult not only on the dogs but the owners as well. No one likes seeing their dogs in a state of anxiety. It can be so stressful for the owner as well as the dog.

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