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Dog Trainer - How To Leash Train My Dog
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Many things will come up during a day at home which will involve you leaving the house. If you are a dog owner then you may be forced to take your pet out with you ( especially if your dog has problems with being left behind ). During these activities it will be much easier if your dog had gone through some sort of leash training ( or lead training ). You will feel much more comfortable outdoors if your dog finds it easy to behave whilst on the leash.

As soon as a young dog ( or puppy ) is brought into the home it is a good idea to start some sort of leash training straight away. It's important that you realize that some dogs will learn a lot quicker than others - don't give up hope, you'll get there. Some dogs learn instantly and others will take a week or two. The first step is to get your puppy used to wearing a collar. Remember to make sure the collar is quite loose but not to loose ( puppies have a tendency to loose collars ). Try to push your thumb up between the collar - if your thumb fits up then there is a correct amount of space for the collar to be comfortable but not to loose.

Eventually the puppy will become used to the collar being around it's neck and this is the right time to try attaching the leash/collar. Once the leash is connected to the puppies collar let him play about without holding the leash. He will run about a bit dragging the leash behind so be on hand to stop him from toppling over nearby ornaments or fittings. Within a few tries with the leash in the first day the puppy will get used to the leash being attached. It is then that you should attempt teaching the dog to walk whilst on the leash. Don't give the dog to much slack on the leash and do not keep the leash to tight, make sure the young dog can move about freely.

If the young dog begins to pull at the leash when walking you must let him know that this is not allowed. You can do this by stopping walking at once. Try calling the dog by it's name and when it obeys and comes to you reward him with a pat and 'good boy'. Once the dog has been rewarded resume walking and then 'rinse and repeat'. Following these simple steps will smoothly teach your dog how to behave when attached to a leash.

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