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Dog Trainer - How To Stop Your Dog From Mounting You
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Children have been known to put their parents in quite embarrassing situations without even realizing they have. I have a five year old son so I know the feeling well. Apart from these occasional red-faced moments the worse situation I have ever been in is when my young dog decided to 'hump' my ex-girlfriend when she walked in the house. Suffice to say she went crazy ( she's not a dog lover on any level ) and I desperately tried to pull the dog off her but he just went back to her leg within a few seconds of me removing him.

Now that was a pretty bad experience ( my ex and I did not get on that well to begin with ) but the problem escalated when I took the dog out to the point where I could not let him off the lead. It's bad enough him humping every guest that walks through the door let alone attack the leg of every picnic member in the local park. Enough was enough so I turned to training to help solve the problem.

This is not strange behavior in the dog world, you must not think of it as a purely sexual act by the dog. Dogs 'hump' furniture, toys etc, as well as human legs but it is not always sexual in nature. When dogs mount people it is a way of them becoming higher than the person they are performing on ( dominating them or moving higher up the status chain ). This is an obvious sign of the dog trying to become leader of the pack. If the person being mounted lies down or just ignores the episode then the dog will think that it has become leader of the pack.

The most simple way of training this out of the dog is a simple 'NO' or 'stop it' command. Use a stern voice and make sure the dog realizes it is doing something wrong and you will not stand for it. I don't really like the idea of electronic dog collars so I will suggest using a bottle sprayer ( used to spray plant leaves ). A simple short spray burst from these will let your dog know he's in the wrong.

These mounting incidents are in most cases just temporary issues. Keeping this in mind you may want to just try distracting the dog every time it decides to start a 'humping' expedition. These are two simple but effective dog training methods that will work on most dogs. Remember, this is a very natural thing to dogs and they don't know any different. Be patient and within a fortnight you will begin to see changes in the dogs behavior.

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