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Dog Training Tips - What Ive Learned
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Need dog training tips? I have always been a huge dog lover ever since I was a kid. I grew up around animals; horses, cats, dogs, reptiles, and all sorts of little rodents. I have a half Labrador Retriever and half Golden Retriever I have raised and she is a huge sweet heart and will be turning four in May. I have also just received a new dog he is half Collie and half Labrador Retriever. He is also really big sweet heart and right now is only a little over 3 months old. He has caught on to house training and all sorts of other little things that are desirable in a new puppy very quickly. This has made me think about what are some good dog training tips to follow.

I’ve been researching dog training tips on some pros and cons of how to train your new puppy. Most everybody these days are more prone to discourage negative reinforcement. Negative reinforcement would be scolding or disciplining your dog after an undesirable behavior.  For the most part I would agree with these people giving the dog training tips. Negative reinforcement only teaches the dog to be afraid. Nobody wants a scared dog. A lot of people even get dogs to be protectors. The best way to train your dog is through positive reinforcement. For example if you would like your dog to stop going to the bath room inside make sure you walk them often and when they go outside make sure to praise them.

Other dog training tips I have come across is for crate training. Crate training is a very crucial part of dog training. You cannot always be there to keep an eye on your dog and they sometimes tend to be mischievous; especially during puppy stages. One of the major problems that people come across when crate training is that the puppy wants to bark while in the crate. Some of the “dog experts” have come up with these dog training tips to help with the barking. First and foremost do not pay the dog any attention when barking in the crate. It only teaches the dog if they bark long enough they will get their way. Second make it comfortable for the dog. Add a blanket and even a chew toy or two that they like to chew. Next try to make them comfortable in the crate, while you are still around. Don’t shut the door and just relax in the room, with the puppy in the crate. Lastly, other dog training tips from experts say if that doesn’t work to try and put a blanket over the crate to make it dark for the dog, and hopefully encourage them to relax and sleep.

I personally have had a big problem with this with my new puppy. I tried all those things but my solution was not part of any of the dog training tips. I actually cleaned out a larger area in my house and made it “puppy proof.” Maybe an area of 5ft by 5ft and let my dog stay there. Once he had the area to move around whenever I left he just went right to sleep. I am also lucky I am able to do this because a lot of puppies at his age are not potty trained.

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I hope these dog training tips have helped some of you train your new puppy. I hope you enjoy them! Dogs rule and cats drool!


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