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Dog Treats Are A Rip Off!
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Dog Treats Are A Rip Off!

Dog treats are a not worth what we pay for them, it's that plain and simple. If you knew how badly you were being taken advantage of you would be fighting mad. Madder than a swam of killer bees, who's hive had been destroyed. Do you realize that the price of dog treats per ounce exceeds the price of people food!

That's right, Chicken Jerky Treats which are responsible for more dog deaths than I care to remember is more expensive than T bone or Rib Eye Steaks per ounce. And what are you getting for your money?

You probably don't look at the ingredients because, it's in the dog food isle,and you think it's probably safe to feed your dog. Well, not so fast there buckaroo, stop thinking like that! Let me ask you a question? Where do you think the food that goes into dog food comes from?

Think about it when you buy a 40 lb bag of dog food for $30.00 how much meat do you think is in there? When you pass the meat isle, check the price of a whole chicken, on sale it's $15.00. The only good dog foods offer De-boned chicken, and it more like $50.00 a bag. When reading these labels look at the first three ingredients on the bag, after the third ingredient is listed, we talking trace amounts of the listed product. There's no plump chicken, no leg of Lamb, no beef chuck steak, or anything of the sort.

I don't want to shock anybody but, commercials lie! Watch one closely, I assure you, there are no swaying field of wheat, rice or barley waiving in the breeze. There are no plump happy chickens running though a meadow, No fields filled with cartoon animals enjoying themselves in the sun, none of those things go into your pets treats or food. It's more like hulls and floor sweepings and powder dust.

Dog food manufacturers are either owned by people food manufacturers like Del Monte, General Mills etc.... Or they have contracts to purchase the garbage food, scraps and inedible parts not allowed for human consumption. The waste products, that they aren't allowed to feed to us, is what they put in your dogs foods and treats.

Adding insult to injury, is the fact, we often pay more dog food treats and dog food per oz than we do for Human Quality Foods. For example: Rawhide sticks, Human beef sticks like Slim Jims are cheaper in comparison to dog beef sticks.

Rawhide sticks

5" rawhide sticks, which is made of unusable bits of cow hide that's treated with formaldehyde is ground up treated with chemical; favoring and coloring and pressed into sticks. They're cheap as dog treats go and you get a lot of them $8.99 buys 100 Beef Flavor sticks. The bag weights 2 lbs.

Did you know, you can buy, London Broil on sale for much less than $4.50 a pound slice it into 1/4 inch strips and dehydrate them. Way better for your dog, and you by the way! Bye the way, have you ever noticed that it always says to wash your hands after handling a dog treat on the package?

Know why? it's POISONED with chemicals like formaldehyde and possible bacteria like salmonella, and who knows what else is in these treats? I do, Preservatives like BHT, BHA which have been proven to kill pets! But, since those preservatives are cheap, and the data proving this is conflicting, plus the fact, that the dog food companies have lots of money for Lobbiest, and the fact it makes these products last longer on a shelves it's allowed and they can afford to fight to keep it that way.

In my opinion, Jerky Treats are a poor choice of store bought treats for your dog, First they are ridiculously expensive for what you get! I'm not picking on any one company in particular because, they are all guilty. It's common in the industry for pet treat companies to import Jerky treats the from China. They make these treats sound pretty good at first glance. But, the thing thats wrong with jerky treats from China is they are treated with -Melamine

Besides that, why would you pay $16.99 for 15 ounces of these suspect Jerky Treats, when you can buy beef chuck roast, or London Broil for $3.99 a lb?

You can buy 4 and 1/4 pounds of real high quality meat that won't eventually kill your dog or at best shorten it's life. Slice it up which, they will do for you at the market. Lay them out on a baking pan and bake them at 170 degrees for 3 or 4 hours until dried.

Manufacturers of these products will never stop making or importing low quality treats and foods until we stop buying them! Read the labels, if there is more chemicals on the package than foods you actually can recognize don't buy it! Buy real, meats and make your own jerky treats, bag them and freeze them. And only defrost a few days supply at a time.

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