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Doggy Training At Home
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Doggy Training at Home

It is most important when you first get your puppy that you start training your dog at home. From potty training to tricks it is a special time when you and your dog can bond. For your dog’s safety and your sanity there have to be rules and boundaries put in place.

If you search online you will find a multitude of training advice. There are dog training centres, online courses, books you can read and videos you can watch. The choice is entirely down to what you feel comfortable with and what your dog responds to.

We all know the general commands like “sit”, “stand”, “come”, “down”, “stay” or “shake hands”. But just how much further than these you wish to go is entirely up to you.

From these six first commands the most important, in my view, is sit, stay and come. When your pup meets people you don’t want it jumping all over them and when you are opening the door you want it to sit and stay and not run out the door putting itself in danger and scaring whoever is visiting you.

“Come” is of course a very important command as recall is necessary when out running around at a park or in the countryside. Your dog needs to be able to run free at times and you need to know that it will return when you call it. Many times I have seen distraught owners running after their dogs shouting their names as the dog just totally ignores them and runs riot. Again this is a necessary command for getting your dog to return to you immediately should you spot some form of danger ahead like a road, railway track or simply another dog that is not looking too friendly.

Along with these verbal commands you should teach the hand signals that go with them. Very handy for when your dog is a bit too far away and out of earshot or when there are a lot of other noises competing with your voice. There are many variants on the hand signals but whichever ones you decide to use just make sure that you are consistent and use the same commands each time.

A hand signal for sit is to have your arm at your side. Bend it at the elbow raising it with the palm facing up whilst giving the verbal command.

A hand signal for down is to have your arm bent to your shoulder with your palm facing the dog. As you lower your arm down say the command.

A hand signal for stay is a bit like a policeman when they are stopping the traffic. Hold your arm out straight with your palm up while saying “stay”.

“Come” is done by bending your arm up and touching your opposite shoulder with your palm - almost like giving yourself a hug but with one arm.

At all times while teaching your dog you should make it fun and should praise your dog when it gets it right. Of course a dog treat or two is an added incentive in the early days.

So as you sit and play with your gorgeous new puppy, lavishing it with love and affection, remember to research the different training options too. Your puppy will love you for it and you will enjoy it too.

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I simply do not have it in me to train another puppy, lol. I love dogs and my Lab is my best friend, but she so far has had 28 puppies in her lifetime and you know how hard it is to give them up? :)

  about 1 decade ago

Oh I know. Nature has that cruel way of making all baby animals so adorable. I couldn't be a breeder as I would want to keep them all :)

  about 1 decade ago
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