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Dogs In Cars
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Dogs In Cars

We have all seen the warnings and the news reports. Never leave a child in a car. Some of the terrible consequences of doing so do not bear thinking about, and one of them is the result of heat build up in a vehicle. You may have seen news stories on television of emergency personell having to break into a vehicle to free a child that is suffering heat stroke or heat exhaustion from being locked in. We curse the adult that was responsible and swear we would never do such a thing.

But what about your dog? I live in a warm part of the world that is often sunny even in the winter months, and I fume every time I see a dog sitting in a car for long periods. We have probably all seen and heard a dog whining and whimpering as his or her owner dissapears from their view, and we feel a bit sorry for Fido, he wants to be with his owner.

But maybe that's not all he wants. Maybe he is objecting to the fact that it's like a sauna in that car. Maybe the owner has left the window slightly open, thinking they are doing the right thing for Fido. But I would challenge that person to swap places with Fido and go sit in the vehicle on a stinking hot day for long periods with a tiny crack in the window from which to get some air. Don't forget, your dog is wearing a fur coat and he can't take it off when it gets too hot.

Don't get me wrong; I am not suggesting these people are intentionally negligent. Most of them probably love their dogs. But if that's the case, prove it by treating your dog as you would your child.

If possible, just don't do it. If you feel you have to, perhaps because you are nipping in to the shops, then give Fido plenty of air and some water. If you are going to be a long time then perhaps you should consider leaving him at home. He may whine because you're leaving him, but you have to be strong, as you know it's better for him to be a bit lonely for a while than to have him suffering heat stress in your car.

Oh, and one more thing: I have seen on many occasions dogs on the back of small trucks or 'utilities' as they are sometimes called. Often they are tied to the vehicle in some fashion to stop them falling off. That's great; thinking of the dogs welfare. But once again the issue of heat is being forgotten. Sure, they are not cooped up inside the vehicle, but imagine if you were left out in the hot sun, unable to move around much while the tray under your feet (small truck or utility trays are often made of metal) is getting hotter by the minute. It's the stuff of torture movies.

I love my dog and I'm sure you love yours. Let's treat our best friends with the respect they deserve.

Have a happy day.

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