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Find A Veterinarian
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How to find a veterinarian.

Their are several criteria to use when attempting to chose a good veterinarian. The first thing to consider is whether you get along personally with the vet. Certainly, the vets skill as a doctor should come into play but if you don't like the vet as a person and find it hard to communicate with him or her it will be very difficult get the best care for your dog.

So, how do you decide whether or not you like the veterinarian? Well, the best thing to do is pay him a visit! Call ahead and make an appointment. Don't bring your dog, just go and see what the place and the people are like. Is the reception area clean and organized. Do you get a good feel for the receptionist? Many Veterinarians will hire people that reflect their own personalities, so if you don't like the receptionist, you probably won't like the vet.

Interview the veterinarian. If he doesn't want to make time to take a few minutes to talk to you, that should be your first red flag. Perhaps you should find a vet who is a little less busy. In the interview just see if you think your personalities click. See if you can find out how up to date the vet is. Vets should be constantly keeping up with the latest trends and innovations in their profession. Does the vet seem to really like animals and his job? Sometimes vets have been in the same high stress, hectic environment for so long that they have gotten burned out and forget why they were there in the first place

A good veterinarian should be an outgoing, sympathetic, compassionate person who like animals. If the vet you are considering doesn't seem to display these qualities, then you should probably look for a different vet.

Technically, the veterinarian should do the following things:

take a thorough history of your dogs health. understanding what, if any major problems the dog has had in the past.

Perform a thorough exam. Understanding the status of your dogs current health.

Develop a list of issues that need to be addressed. Then prioritize these issues.

Prepare a comprehensive action plan to address the above issues.

Remember, you are attempting to find a veterinarian who has great communication skills and is compassionate and caring and who seems to like his job.

Using the tips above, it should not take you very long to find a veterinarian that you want to work with within 5 to 10 miles of your home

Street Talk

Great article, I agree that it is very important to find a Vet that is in synch with you and your dog

  about 1 decade ago
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