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Flea And Tick Solutions
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How to get rid of fleas! We’ve looked around quite a bit for how to kill fleas on dogs and the best places to get Flea, Tick and Heartworm Meds .

What we’ve found is that although most of the better brand name products will work, every dog is different. What works for one dog may not work for another. Unfortunately, how to get rid of fleas on dogs is a trial and error type situation.

Treatment of fleas on dogs is variable. If you stick with the name brands like K9 Advantix, Frontline or Fiprogard Plus you should be pretty safe. When searching for treatment to get rid fleas on dogs, you’ll want to research the products very carefully. Some will kill fleas and ticks, and some will only kill fleas. Others, like K9 Advantix will kill and repel fleas, while others will only kill fleas not repel them. So when you are searching to get rid of fleas on dogs, take your time and read up on the product you want to try to get rid of fleas. Evlauate what works best for your breed of dog. They all have special and individualized needs just like us. Every breed is different! Embrace your breed!!

Symptoms of fleas on dogs can vary but will probably include the following:

  • excessive scratching/itching
  • biting or chewing
  • skin lesions
  • hair loss
  • read irritations on skin

You should be grooming your dog regularly. this will help get rid of the fleas that are currently running around on his skin. however to permanently get rid of fleas on dogs you will need to use one of the treatments mentioned above.

A good idea is to treat your home as well as your dog. If the nasty little bugs have laid eggs in your carpet etc. then you will notice that the dog will be flea free for a while but when the eggs hatch they'll be back!

Again, it may take a few tries to find out which brand name flea treatment will work for you dog breed. But when you find the one that works, you should be able to get rid of fleas for good on your dog and in your house.

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