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Flea Pills For Dogs
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What are the best Flea Pills for Dogs?

Did you ever find fleas in your dogs coat? It is recommended to check your dogs coat regularly for any fleas or ticks that they may have picked up during a walk or encounter with another animal. A while ago my new Golden Retriever came back from a walk out in a country and yes, there they were – horrible black little fleas in his coat. And it hasn't been more than 4 weeks since I have treated all my ‘Goldie's’ (I have 3) with liquid flea and ticks repellent. Clearly it didn't work as well as I have hoped.

That’s when I decided to research flea pills for dogs. What happens when your dog ingests flea pills for dogs? The contents of the pill get absorbed into the blood stream and since fleas feed on your pet’s blood, the ingredients of the flea pills for dogs will kill existing fleas or prevent larvae from forming.

Why flea pills for dogs? Flea pills for dogs are given to your dog once a month and they are great way to fight existing flea infestation as well as a preventive measure to keep you beloved pooch flea free.

There are two types of flea pills for dogs: 1) pills that kill already existing fleas and 2) pills that prevent larvae from forming. The later ones are more effective as a long term solution. Flea pills for dogs that kill already existing fleas are very useful if you want to kill all the fleas in your dogs coat fast.

Did you know how fast fleas multiply? Female flea lays anywhere from 20 to 50 eggs a day! And they hatch very quickly. So before you know it your best friend might have her coat full of fleas. It is also important to treat your yard and carpets at home once your dog had fleas.

Bellow listed most effective flea pills for dogs:

Program Flavor Tabs

Program 'lufenuron' Flavor Tabs prevent flea eggs and larvae from developing. This breaks the flea life cycle at its base and effectively wipes out the flea population. Effectively prevents from flea infestation This product is EPA approved and will be shipped from within the United States.

Capstar 'nitenpyram' for Dogs

Capstar kills nearly 100% of fleas in less than 8 hours. It has no side effects or contraindications. Safe for pregnant and nursing females, puppies and kittens 4 weeks and older that weigh 2 or more pounds.

Looking for more information about your Golden Retriever? Want to find out if Golden Retriever is the right dog breed for you and your family? Wondering what supplies you need for your new addition? Not sure how much exercise your 'Goldie' requires? Here you will find all this information and more.

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