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Flea Treatments And Prevention
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Flea Treatments And Prevention

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are biting insects that feed off of the blood of your pet and you. They are reddish-brown in color, and their bodies are compressed (look flat) from side to side. The adult flea are very small, but can be seen by the naked eye. Fleas have no wings but have incredible jumping capabilities. If by chance you find a couple of adults on your pet, chances are that there are already thousands of eggs and larvae hidden in your home. They can lay up to 50 eggs a day.

Keep Those Fleas off Your Dog

Fleas can cause many health issues for your dog. To begin with, flea bites cause discomfort, itching, scratching, restlessness, and biting. Severe infestations can cause anemia in your pet. Fleas can also transmit tapeworms if ingested. Typhus, an infectious disease which causes high fever, headache, delirium and sometimes red rashes. Fleas are also known to pass on the plague by biting infected rodents and then biting a human and implanting the host.

Types of Flea Treatments

While there are many different types of flea treatments out there, you want to stay away from cheat store bought brand, which are proven to be ineffective. It is recommended that you seek treatment from your local veterinarian, even though it can get costly. The most common type of treatment are the drops that you put between your dogs shoulder blades. This treatment is recommended because it cannot be licked off and ingested by your dog. It spreads along the skin as your dog moves.

How to Prevent Flea Infestation and Recurrence

While it is important to keep fleas of your dog, you also need to treat your home. It is recommended that you seek the aid of a professional exterminator. But, if you are like me, you might not be able to afford it. But there are things you can do.

  • Vacuum frequently
  • Steam clean carpets and upholstery to kill pre-adult fleas
  • Use high quality bombs and sprays
  • Clean pet bedding frequently
  • Treat all animals in the home

While fleas can be a major health concern, they can be treated and prevented. So rest easy and believe that soon your dog and home will be flea free.

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