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Fun Dog Training Games
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Fun Dog Training Games

Using different games to train your dog

When training a dog, it is difficult to know where to start. However, there are a lot of fun dog training games which dog owners can use to bond with their puppy while also teaching obedience. Use these 4 dog training games to build better manners and a stronger relationship with your pet. I taught my grand kids to play them with Fudge, my toy poodle, which resulted in keeping them entertained for hours but Fudge also became a better dog.

Game 1

One of the most fun games to play, especially with kids, is to give the "sit" command to the dog and tell the dog to stay. Leave the room and go hide in a different part of the house or yard. Give the dog a few minutes to stay sitting and then call him. After he finds you, reward him with a treat and praise. Start by hiding in easy-to-find places and then move to more difficult spaces.

This will help to teach your dog to wait in one place until called. I find that this game is the easiest to teach.

Game 2

For dogs that tend to get into the trash, dirty clothes, or other household items, the drop it game is a winner. Start this game by giving your dog a large item to hold in his mouth. This can be a large toy or some other item that he likes to play with. Then offer your dog a treat, ensuring that he will have to let go of his toy before he can enjoy the treat.

When you present the treat, tell your dog to "drop" it, giving him a verbal command. This will teach him to drop anything that he is currently holding, which will come in handy if he ever gets into something and you need him to let it go. Do not let the dog take the treat and then quickly snatch the toy back again. I let Fudge get into this bad habit and it has taken a while to break it.

Game 3

Another fun game is the watch game. Start with your dog in a sitting or laying position and then show him a toy or a treat. Tell the dog to watch and when he looks up at you, wait for a minute and then throw the treat or toy. Give him an affirmative command such as "yes" or "go." Make the game more fun by throwing the toy in a different direction each time.

This game will teach your dog to be attentive to your commands and encourage him to wait while sitting or laying down until he's been given permission to move.


One final game is the clean up game. For this game, start with a box and a bunch of the dog's toys scattered around the room. With a little help, get your dog to pick up each toy and hold out your hand for the dog to give you the toy. Every time he gives you a toy, reward him with praise and a treat. After he starts picking up the toys, show him the box and have him drop each toy in the box. It is important to give him a small treat after every toy is picked up.

This is a great game that can teach some basic clean-up skills.

These 4 dog training games are both fun for dogs and owners. They can teach your pet better obedience skills and are a great way to bond with your dog as well. A useful tip is to keep the treats quite small and also change them so that your dog does not get bored.

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