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Golden Retriever Puppies: Hard To Turn Down That Face
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Golden Retriever Puppies: Hard to Turn Down That Face

Are you thinking of buying a dog? Do you want a cute lovable dog? How bout a dog that can be a lifelong friend?

Well, I have the perfect dog for you. A Golden Retriever puppy!! Yes, a Golden Retriever puppy is a cute, lovable dog that has a lifespan of ten years and a litter size of seven to ten puppies.

History of the Retriever.

What's the old saying,"It's all in the name". True to the this saying the Golden Retriever was bred just for that to retrieve waterfowl that was shot for sport by the rich aristocrats in Scotland. The original breed was crossed with a Tweed Water Spaniel to create four distinct breeds of dog: The Irish Settler, the Bloodhound, as well as St. John's Water Dog and the ancestor of the Golden Retriever. Now that you have a brief history of the dog,ON TO THE GOOD STUFF!


The Golden Retriever was bred to be a loyal,trustworthy and confident dog. Remember the dog was bred to catch and retrieve fallen fowl to bring back to its master. It can almost be said that this dog embodies the old adage of "Mans Best Friend". It is a very intelligent dog that can bond very well to young children, especially those which are familiar around it. They are also noted for their vast amount of patience, they can sit(or perferably) lie down for hours, seeing as their ancestors had to have an extreme amount of patience while waiting for their masters to kill their fowl. Golden Retrievers are highly sociable creatures willingly to learn a vast amount of tricks in order to please their masters(as long as treats are involved). They have also been used as surrogate mothers for other animals such as tigers cubs. They have been noted to produce milk for these cubs even when they are not pregnant.


The average lifespan of an Golden Retriever is between 10 years and 15 years. These dogs tend to survive to older age if their owners take car and make sure to properly feed and walk them. Seeing as Golden Retriever love to eat(so do I) its important to make sure they do not overindulge in their food. They typically need to eat 3 meals a day as a puppy. As they become older it should be about five times a day(more if they are extremely active). They also need to have a lot of exercise in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Golden Retrievers are known to have genetic disorder such as hip dysplasia. Hip Dysplasia is similar to lameness found in humans and can be very painful.

Picking the Right Pup.

Before you head to the shelter or jump on the internet, it is important that you know what you want in a dog. The animal should fit your lifestyle in order for the experience to be the best. If you live a more quiet peaceful lifestyle, choose a puppy that seems to be more calm and relaxed. If you prefer a more active lifestyle find a puppy that has a lot of energy and seems almost fearless when you approach the cage. Also a great place to find puppies is either from an experience trainer or a kennel club.

Questions to ask

1st question is breed. You want to make sure that your are getting the dog you are interested in.

2nd is temperament. You don't want a chaotic puppy that is terrorizing your home, make sure that, the sweet face you see at the kennel is the same sweet face you take home.

3rd health. Make sure the puppy is healthy ask for any health records. The dog should have shots and papers proving it, don't take anyone's word.

Finally you want to spend a little time with the puppy make sure the dog checks out. Look for any signs of a limps, discoloration in the fur, bad temperament as well as smells. If it smells like a fish, then throw it back.

Hopefully this article has helped you understand why Golden Retriever is the best puppy for your family. They are loyal,loving as well as fun and intelligent. So if you are looking to add an new addition to your family why not buy a Golden Retriever.

Street Talk

You should probably also take into consideration time and space. Everyone wants a cute lab or retriever but they forget about how big and boistrous these big dogs are. They take allot of time and training.

  about 7 years ago

Certainly are cute!

  about 7 years ago
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