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Great Toys For Dogs Home Alone
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Great Toys for Dogs Home Alone

Do you have to leave your dog home alone during the day? Are you worried that they may be barking too much and annoying your neighbors? Are you coming home to find your dog has destroyed your yard or your house? Your dog may be bored. Interactive dog toys could help to avoid excessive barking and destruction. Here are a few things to consider when trying to find great toys for dogs home alone.

Different Breeds Mean Different Needs

The type of interactive toy you should buy can depend on the breed of your dog. For example, German Shepherd dogs could focus for a long period of time on solving a puzzle. Giving them a puzzle toy that they need to figure out can keep them busy for hours and stimulate their minds. Toys that you can put treats into are a great choice as they will be tempted to keep trying until all of the treats are gone. Smaller dogs such as Chihuahuas, Beagles, and so on may not be able to focus for a long time on one toy. They could do better with a variety of interactive dog toys that they can choose from. My two small dogs love rope toys and squeaky toys.

Keeping Your Dog Busy, Avoiding Boredom

When you leave your dogs home alone, they will more than likely become bored. This can lead to different behavioral problems like digging, barking or trying to escape. Keeping your dog busy by stimulating their mind with interactive toys is a great solution to avoiding this. I have found that one of the best toys for dogs home alone is the Kong. Stuffing a couple of Kong toys with different types of treats can keep a dog busy while you are gone. A great trick for long lasting Kong “stuffing” is to plug the small hole in the bottom, fill it with organic, unseasoned beef broth and freeze it.

Is Your Dog Destructive

Do you come home after leaving your dogs home alone during the day to find that they have destroyed something? When your dog is bored, they will play with anything interesting to keep them busy. My German Shepherd mix single handedly destroyed several small trees and bushes in my back yard because he did not have anything else to play with. Instead of blaming the dog, I blamed myself. It is unfair to leave your dog home alone without anything to do and expect them to sit around patiently and wait for you. I solved this problem by giving my three dogs a variety of interactive dog toys to play with. This keeps them busy and out of trouble.

If you are looking for great toys for dogs home alone, do some research about what has worked for other dog owners. Watch how your dog plays with their toys and see what keeps their attention for a long period of time. If they are more likely to bounce from toy to toy, try giving them a variety to choose from. Do not blame your dog when they find a way to amuse themselves by destroying one of you plants or your curtains. If you find that nothing you try is working, talk to your vet or trainer or consider taking your dog to doggie day care.

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Great article, Yes dogs becoming bored will get very busy with sometimes negative outcomes. Thank you

  about 4 years ago
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