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Has My Dog Got Sarcopic Mange? – 3 Symptoms And 2 Kinds Of Treatments
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Has My Dog Got Sarcopic Mange? – 3 Symptoms And 2 Kinds Of Treatments

Anyone can get it

How does one know what kind of mange your dog is suffering from? It seems even vets struggle to locate and identify these microscopic parasites using their expensive equipment. It is dangerous for us as laymen to try and determine a pet’s type of mange. If your opinion is wrong, then it may be a waste of your time and money by using the wrong treatment.

Some of these cures can be quite harsh on the canine creating more problems and even prolonging the stress of your pet.

Sarcopic rash or dog scabies is not the most common but can infect healthy dogs. It is highly contagious to both animals and family so avoid coming in contact with any dog that is carrying these eight legged parasites.

Here are 3 common symptoms to look out for on a regular basis to be sure a dog or puppy has not become infected.

Intense itching

The first sign that things are not well is if the dog seems to be frantically scratching or biting itself without interruption. These mites invade the most vulnerable areas of the dog especially where there is less hair. This can be its ears, stomach or armpits.

Hair loss

The mite buries itself just under the skin to lay eggs, and this is what creates the itchiness. The resulting intense scratching causes hair loss. Bald patches will appear which the dog will continue to attack and thus damage its skin. These areas become inflamed that result in severe infections.

Crusty, oozing sores

If left untreated the mange will quickly spread to cover large parts of the dog’s body, driving the poor dog to insanity. The pet’s bare skin will be red in color and ugly and extremely painful weeping sores and scabs will form. On infected humans, an itchy rash lasting for almost three weeks will result.

Treating your dog (chemical or natural)

  • Having been to the vet, and the type of mange infecting the dog has been positively diagnosed that is when the appropriate treatment can begin.
  • It is vital not to only treat the dog, but also its bedding, crate, collar and anything else the dog comes in daily contact with using a recommended insecticide. These mites can live for up to 2-3 three days in cold moist areas.
  • Most dogs will at some stage get mange from other infected dogs that they come in contact with. Try to isolate your pet for a while, giving it a chance to recover.
  • Many of the treatments contain chemicals that can cause side effects like vomiting or skin irritations. It is necessary to monitor your pet frequently to see how it is faring.
  • Treatments will be a combination of shampoos, lotions and dips. Be exceedingly careful about the face.
  • A great alternative to the conventional chemical treatments is to use natural remedies. Some of these use garlic as an ingredient and have proven to be equally effective because of its repellent properties.

Is your dog suffers from allergies or illness then try to avoid the harsher products. Try to cure it by using natural herbal or homeopathic recommended remedies.

Continue treating the dog’s skin with a product that will stimulate new hair growth after the mites are gone. For success and also the dog’s sake, the treatment must be carried out strictly as per instructions. By being sloppy about it, the fight to eradicate the dog of mange will fail miserably.

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