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Here Is A Method That Is Helping Lost Dog Get Found - Microchipping.
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Have you ever experience your dog getting lost and never to be found in spite of the thousands of lost dog signs you put up. The numbers are low that most owners are reunited with their lost four legged family members. Lost dogs can end up in dog shelters, injured, and even placed with new unloving families. They have to get readjusted all over again. Some don't do so well and still end up at dog shelters or worst.

In the past the age old dog collars with tags have been the preferred method of identity for lost dogs. If the collars or tags fell off or worst, the person that finds them don't pay attention to their identity, this becomes a very ineffective method and all family members lose out. New technology has created a microchip that now provides for the dogs their identification to be permanent.

What is a microchip you ask? it is a tiny computer chip that is enclosed in glass like matter that allows it to become possible to mesh with the tissue inside the dog without problems. A professional will implant the chip under the skin with a special needle and mostly located between the shoulder blades.

It is very much like a dog getting a shot. The dog normally will experience no pain or even knowing that its being implanted so there is no cruelty involved on this action.

Now here is where that crazy technology really kicks in. The chip can be read by giving off radio waves so even if your dog ends up in another state, it can be detected by the microchip company. There is normally a one time fee involved but I am sure that its worth its weight in gold to help you find your lost family member in a short time.

These chips have been redesigned out live the dog, even in dog years. You don't have to take your dog to have then recharged or replaced over time. Nor do you have to plug your dog in over night.

So if your lost dog ends up in a shelter or they are found and taken to a veterinary office, a scanner could locate the chip and send a code to the microchip company. This will allow any other information needed to get a hold of the owners and let them know where to pick up their dog.

There has been some advances in the past to improve the effectiveness of the chip methods but its not perfect. Although it is probably more effective and reliable then expecting your dog to use their navigation app on their iphone to get home.

To help protect your dog and you keep your current status in the compassionate for canine club, try the following:

*Have the identification tags and collars updated on a regular basis.

*Keep them on a lease or in the fenced back yard to keep them from running wild.

*Check out more information at vets and dog shelters about the microchip technology and methods

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