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Holidays With Your Dog
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Holidays With Your Dog

Your going on holiday and you would like to take your dog with you. Consider first if your dog is fit and healthy enough to take on holiday. You need to do what is best for him. If he is older and perhaps losing his eyesight or going deaf, perhaps he would prefer to be in his home environment. You might be better off getting a relative or friend to dog sit for you.

If you decide to take your dog with you, you need to plan things carefully. Here are a few things to remember.

Dog Food - You would be better to take a supply of dog food with you. You might find when you get to your destination that the supermarket do not stock the brand that your dog is used to. A rapid change of diet can cause tummy upsets so this is not advisable.

Your Journey - Your dog may be used to travelling in the car for short distances but how will he cope on a long journey? Ideally, he should be confined to a pet carrier or crate. Preferably one that he is used to.

Identity Tags - When you travel to a strange place it is advisable to have your dog micro chipped. It could mean that if you're dog did get loose, you would have every chance of him being returned to you safely. Also, make sure your dog is wearing a collar and an Identity Tag. You should keep him on a lead at all times.

Once you have managed to book your accommodation find out if the beaches allow pets. Are there parks or walks you and your dog could use? Remember your dog will be out of his normal routine and it can be upsetting for him. If the weather is hot, do not walk him in the middle of the day.

Do not ever leave your dog in the car while you go away to shops or to make a quick 'visit' somewhere. On a sunny day your dog could die very quickly if left in the car. If there is something you want to see and you cannot take your dog with you, make arrangements beforehand to maybe get a dog sitter or even book him in to a recommended kennel.

It is a great way of making new friends when you take your dog with you. People who would normally walk by you will stop to chat with you and your dog. You will more than likely visit places and parks that you probably wouldn't have done if you did not have your dog with you.

Remember to take your camera to capture all those special moments!

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