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Homemade Dog Food - The Right Choice
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Ever consider feeding your dog homemade dog food or raw dog food? Have you ever wondered what really is in commercial dog food that you buy from your local supermarket? The answer is shocking. I have fed my dog commercial dog food all his life and I just recently lost him to throat cancer. After he passed, I did some research about the dog food he ate and I was shocked and devastated to see what I was feeding him.

Commercial Dog Food is slowly killing our dogs. Many dog food companies state that their dog food is “100% nutritionally complete and balanced” or that their food is “chemically and preservative free”. These are lies. These million dollar dog food companies are using manipulating ads to get you to buy their product. They don’t care about the health of your dog. They only care about the profits they make off of the garbage they sell us. Dog food contains 6 deadly chemicals that have been banned from human foods because they cause cancers, major organ failure, birth defects, blindness, hair loss, behavior problems, liver dysfunctions, immune system collapse and chronic diarrhea, just to name a few.

Another shocking discovery I came across is that dog food actually contains dead pets, mostly cats and dogs! Euthanized cats and dogs, along with euthanized zoo animals and road kill are all sent to dog food plants every month to be ground up into dog food. The drug used to kill these animals also ends up in the food. Not only is your dog eating dead pets and the drug that was used to kill them, but they are eating the collars, dog tags, and plastic bags that the bodies had been placed in, all to be ground up into what they call “meat meal”. I am disgusted and angry at these companies for what they are doing to our pets. I wish I had researched this topic many years ago. I believe that if I had made different choices in the food I fed my beloved dog not only would he be alive today, but he would be happy and healthy. It hurts to know that I contributed in his early death by feeding him this poison.

If you continue to feed your dog commercial dog food, your dog’s health will suffer and he or she will not live as long as they should. Not only the dog food distributed to supermarkets and grocery stores are guilty of this false advertising, but even the highly respected brands are guilty of this as well. Do your research and try to give your pet the best health he or she deserves. There are many healthy dog food recipes out there and the BARF diet (Bone And Raw Food) is one of the best diets you can give your animal. Now that you have been given some facts about what is really in commercial dog food, think about giving you dog the best chance at a happy and healthy life. Do the research!

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I couldn't agree more. The commercial dogfood industry is shameless.

  about 1 decade ago
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