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House Breaking Your Dog
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We all know the excitement of bringing home a cute little puppy, however it does not take long for anxiety to start building when the new puppy keeps urinating or pooping on your clean floors or carpet. A few tips on training your pet to go outside or on a puppy pad can be very helpful. This is again where consistency is very important.

Take notice and try to comprehend your dog or puppy's actions which signal they need to to to the bathroom. Take notice of any signs that your dog may need to go urinate or poop. Some dogs go round in circles when they need to go, others will start sniffing around or even some like my two little shitzhu's come to me with one of their babies (stuffed animals) in their mouth. Learn the signs that your dog gives to you when he or she wants to go potty.

Remember puppys need to go potty quite frequently. Take them out after they eat, after a nap and always before bedtime. If possible take your dog for a walk at the time he usually goes to potty. Take your dog to the same location each time he needs to eliminate. . If you do not have a yard or live in confined spaces you could take your dog to the same spot in your house where you have placed newspaper or puppy pads. Each and every time your dog goes where he is supposed to go give him lots of praise. But do this consistently and every time. Dogs react positively to praise and will want to please you once they learn.

In time you can even train your dog to signal you. There are doggie doorbells that will chime when your dog goes to the door and needs to go out. In time you can teach him to ring a bell to let you know when he needs to go out.

While you are training your dog do not give him free roam of your house. Keep him confined until you can get him trained.

By using a crate you will be able to more easily train your dog. Generally animals will not eliminate in the place where they sleep. Dogs feel safe inside a crate as dogs are pack animals and the crate is their den. Take your dog out to potty as soon as you return.

When training puppies or adult dogs always use positive reinforcements, do not scold him or hit him as nothing will be accomplished by negative emotions. He will associate the punishment with your return from the outside.

Proper scheduling is very important. Take your dog out to potty at around the same time everyday. They become used to routine. If they are accustomed to going at 6:00 every morning, this will become their routine. Stick to your schedule and you will find it will be a much easier task of housebreaking your dog.

If you are patient and know that housebreaking your dog takes time you will wind up with a happy and well adjusted dog.

Street Talk

Very good article. House training can and will take time. You have to be patient and understanding towards your pet. Keep up the good work.

  about 7 years ago

Thank you William for your comment good luck with your training. Our pets are such loveable creatures, they become one of the family

  about 7 years ago

Great article. We are now in the process of house training our new terrier and it is going quite well. He is such a lovable dog. Thank you

  about 7 years ago
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