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How Safe Is Your Family And Friends From Your Ability To Prevent Dog Bitting Problems?
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How Safe Is Your Family And Friends From Your Ability To Prevent Dog Bitting Problems?

Are you in dire need to prevent dog bitting problems in your home?

Are you concerned for your family, friends, and yourself with your dog's bitting getting out of control?

Believe it or not, most dogs can't tell the difference between a real bit and play bitting.

So knowing how to play with your dog and use the right training will help you with this bad habit.

So let's talk about getting your dog to stop bitting because this can or already has become a serious problem.

There has been times where I or other dog owners I know have experienced our dogs nipping at hands, arms, and even our clothes.

Most times that worked out good until we were bit.

With real teeth, and that can have you left looking like a deer in headlights with surprise.

Didn't see that coming, at least I didn't!

This shouldn't be a behavior problem for any dog or their owners to have to tolerate.

All dogs should be taught, for no reason, including just playing, should they put their teeth on someone.

I know that sometimes its fun to play wrestle, fight, getting physical or even a casual tug-o-war, but this can get out of control real fast, even more then you can imagine.

A bad habit is now developed, and that's not cool.

Believe me, I have owned a Rottweiler, Cocker spaniel, and a Pit bull in the past and I have the love scares to prove it as well as some of my friends, so were no stranger to scratches, bruises, and a few stitches.

If this has happen to you then you also know that its better things you could be doing with your skin.

But dog lovers know that it was all done in play and love right?

Nothing that you need to build up a resentment with your dog about and get even.

For some silly reason, more likely something that we as dog owners do that in turn gives our dogs the mistaken permission to put their teeth on us.

If your dog is showing signs of aggression with these actions of nipping, or mouthing on you or others, its time to get help fast.

Your trying to prevent dog bitting problems with your four legged family member?

I suggests beginning with asking your Veterinary for information on a good dog trainer in your area that is better prepared to guide you and your dog through this rough spot.

Please do not use this time to become lazy and blow it off as something that will pass because the likelihood that it will are slim to none.

This negative behavior needs to be addressed before it snowballs and someone really get hurt.

Or worst, the dog ends up at a shelter somewhere and they had no idea what they were doing was a problem, but would have changed their ways if they knew it would be the cause of being separated from the family they know and love.

So remember that dogs can't tell the difference between play and real bitting most times, so its best to not allow your dog to bite anyone for any reason.

So playing with your faithful friend the right way and at the first sign of dog bitting becoming a problem, seek proper training.

So allow your four legged family member the opportunity to grow and learn all that it takes to be the loving companions that they were created to be.

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