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How To Be A Loving Responsible Dog Owner
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How To Be A Loving Responsible Dog Owner

Most canine lovers I know take pride in being a responsible dog owner. Those and I am sure can describe the strong bond that you and your four legged family member shares

.As a matter of fact, most would admit that cherished and memorable time that the lives they share together. Our dogs have shared many good and bad times with us.

Sunny days and rainy with lighting days, even though most dogs that I have seen were afraid of the thunder and lightning and would run for the hills.

I sure that you can experience their companionship and loyalty from the dogs that always prove to be unconditional.

Now to continue to receive all that unconditional love from them, you the owner has certain responsibilities that will make that possible. To name the most important would be providing food, water, a home, and many other necessities that keep them happy and joyful.

Dogs rely on their owners as they know that they are the leader of the pack.

You never have to worry about your dog packing up searching for greener grass on the other side of the fence and move in with the family down the street with the in-ground pool in July.

There is even studies that show that dog owners live longer with a bit lower blood pressure and cholesterol for the reduction in stress based on their relationship with dogs. brings more life.

So it turns out to be a greater return on investment by being a dog owner and constantly following the three suggested actions should add years of joy and love to your life.

1 Provide plenty of attention to your dog

Why would anyone get a dog to just say they have a dog?

The dogs greatest desire everyday is to receive your love and attention. They crave that more then water and food, even a close second,

Even-though life happens and bust bee times limit you at home , just make a few sacrifices and make a dogs day everyday, as your life depends on it.

2 Provide a healthy diet for them.

A diet that is balanced with nutrients and vitamins, fiber, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, will help them stay consistently healthy. Ask your Veterinary detailed questions about what a feeding schedule and proper exercise routine should be to work off that puppy chow.

They will most likely eat more if you keep a more action lifestyle for them.Pay attention to the quality of the food you purchase and get recommendations from others. Your Veterinarians would and should be first on the list to suggest the best brand that has a good nutrient mixture of nutrients to help your dog stay healthy.

3 Provide regular exercise for your dog and yourself.

Being the dog owner and your dog needs exercise in order to stay healthy and that has become a very big problem with over weight dogs associated to bad health. Regular exercise fit the dog will also cut down on some of that extra energy that could sometimes create behavior that's not desired.

So burning some energy could help you and the dog.

You two chilling on the couch watch TV with pizza and Gatorade will not count as warm up for the exercise.

Getting your dog use to being walked 2 times daily serves many benefits to include you being able to clean less soiled carpets.

So performing these actions for your four legged family member will help create a bond of friendship and companionship for a many years, mostly in dog years.

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